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Monday, July 30, 2012

Week #68 - "He's not a real cowboy. He doesn't even have a hat!" - Toy Story

Boom! Roasted!

What a week! Really we had quite a week and I am pretty darn grateful for this week. I can not even begin to tell you how much I have learned and how much I have grown this week.

So this week was just incredibility hot and my companion was dying!!! This is his first summer in Manaus and he was just melting. So funny. I must have looked so stupid last year. We drink so much water though. Seriously. EVERY SINGLE HOUSE we stop at they give us water and as a rule, I always accept.

TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!! So, as it turns out Elder Pires will be leaving and I will stay in Ajuricaba for another 6 weeks. He is going off to Acre, which is another state, and I will be getting a new companion. ELDER MOREIRA. If you recognize the name it is because he has been in my district twice already and I have done many divisions with him! He is a super cool guy who happens to LOVE the same soccer team I do!! Elder Sant, my American buddy will be staying and he will get a new Brazilian companion. I am super excited because he really was struggling this last transfer.

Oh!! So Elder Pires' toe nail fell off!! Yes because he was playing with shoes not meant for soccer his feet were getting torn up and his big toe nail started turning green!! Well, it fell off today!! And I got pictures. Absolutely disgusting! HAHAHA.

Really I do not any crazy stories this week. Everything was quite calm. No rain storms. Nothing! Just the fact the the Olympics started and everyone is watching the soccer games. Brazil is kicking trash and the US women's team is undefeated!

Oh! I remember something interesting that happened this week. We had a guy chase us out of his house! We were talking to his wife and he busted in half crazed, yelling at us. He called us gay demons sent from hell and he commanded to leave his house or he would kill us! It was pretty cool. I did not even know what was happening until we left because as he was yelling and I was still teaching, and my companion grabbed me, told me we had to leave and we booked it. THEN, afterward he explained. Man, I should pay more attention sometimes.

I am really excited! Our mission baptized 340 people in the last 6 weeks! That is just amazing. God has literally opened the windows of heaven and we are just having a ball! The whole mission has been blessed by having this temple in our city and we can really feel that people are more willing to listen. Many are curious about the temple and ask about eternal families! I love it!

Anyways, not much else happened this week, but know this: Eu vos amo.

PS. I like ties if you want to send me one.
Elder Asa Laws

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