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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week #69 - "Well I brought my dinosaur, who eats force-field dogs!!"


Wow, what an absolutely packed week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a lot to tell you about.

FIRST!!! We had 2 baptisms this week!! That is right, 2 people found out for themselves and desired to be baptized!!! It was my pleasure to be able to help them find the path and I will never forget Antonio and Neyderson. Really it was very special for me because we have been working so hard and now we are seeing the fruits!!! This transfer we have really high hopes!!

Antonio, the 12 year old who was baptized is a really cool kid. His story is really sad because he family is broken and his mother drinks and really does nothing for hi, and that is why he started going with his friends to church activities!! Well, we met with him everyday this week to help him and it was really fun! We always meet at the bishops house to teach him and there happens to be a rope swing! YES, I totally have pictures of me playing with 12 year old Brazilians on a rope swing. It is a ton of fun especially when you have really hard weeks! Seriously though, Antonio, I really like this kid. He pays a ton of attention and really just wants to be a better person and not do what the people around him are doing. He looks up to me like a father figure and told me that I cannot leave Ajuricaba, but rather I have to stay to help him. OH man, tear jerker!!!!!!!!

Side note - I got a foto of my pajamas. I realized how ridiculous I look because I where blues scrubs and a red and white striped shirt!!! YES, I look exactly like the American flag. Good stuff.

Also! WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time on my mission in Manaus I finally got to go to the temple after its dedication!!! I waited over a month!!!!!!!! But it was totally worth it. THERE is the house of the Lord and I truly left full of the spirit. It was actually quite special because I also got to talk with the President there and he gave me some pretty amazing advice and taught me some things I had never known! I took tons of photos for everyone! I got some funny ones as well!

While at the temple I met with Elder Acosta who is responsible for all the housing in the mission and I told him that we needed help. He said that he would come by the next day in the morning. Well he did, at 7:30 in the morning, right as I was ironing my shirt and my companion had just gotten out of the shower! The weird part is he just came in with out knocking. So literally I turned around to find him just standing in the doorway and it half killed me!!! He took note of ALL of the things we need including a new bed for me!! We already had someone come by to fix up our washing machine and I found out from a little birdy that we will be getting AIR CONDITIONING this week!!!!!!!!! Yes, that is the reward of keeping a clean house. Now I will not die every night in front of my frankenstein fan!

That reminds me, REED PERKINS, I got your letter and I will be writing a HUGE letter in response to our discussion!

Out of nowhere I suddenly got a lot of letters so I have just this week to respond but rest assured I will respond! If you are waiting just wait a bit more, it will come. If you have been waiting for me to respond for more than 2 months, its probably because I lost your letter, so you should write again. I do not have everyone addresses memorized, I take them off of the envelope. Man, I am just loving my mission. Really, there is just no better place. I highly recommend all young men to prepare to serve.

Eu vos amo
Elder Asa Laws

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