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Monday, July 16, 2012

Week #66 - "You know, for a clown fish, he really isn't that funny. Pitty." - Finding Nemo


So there is a family in my ward who likes the movie the "Jungle Book" and they named there dog Baloo. How cool?!!

It is absolutely incredible how fast a week can go and yet how much can really happen in just one week. Really, sometimes I just do not get it. But alas, I am just in this crazy time warp of a mission and I have to just keep going, though I do not really know where I am going or how fast. I am sure I am going to some place cool right, at a very ridiculous pace! Kind of like that scene from Willy Wonka when they are in the boat and Wonka is singing the crazy song "There's no earthy way of knowing..." Except, I am not on a boat, it is really hot, and I am not freaked out. So really now that I think about it, it is nothing like Willy Wonka. "Scratch that! Reverse it!" Ha!!

This week, actually this transfer, I have been learning about doing consistent, hard work, and being on top of everything 100 percent of the time. Every detail and every moment. I am learning to be a better leader I think, and it is a very hard thing to do. I have learned a lot about taking advice, and criticism, and using it actually, truly, to become better. For example, my mission president is always on top of everyone, about everything, and I have learned that he does that for many reasons, but to be mean, mad, a jerk, or to just be difficult, those are NOT the reasons. He is a wonderful man that expects us to do our very best at all times. No excuses. (reminds me of Norfleet) So I try to just learn the "why" behind everything and improve.

We have really been trying to not just be normal missionaries but missionaries that make an impact and help the ward here become better than it was before. I want to leave this area, and my mission, knowing that I really did try to make a huge difference. So we are having family home evenings almost every night and we have a calender now to have the young men come out teaching with us to prepare for their missions. We will have a popcorn night this Friday for the members an there friends and we will watch a good movie there (church approved). We go to our meetings and we are trying to build a ward that is ready to accept converts into the gospel.

Ronaldo, one of the coolest guys ever, is a member from my ward here and he went to play soccer with us this morning (I scored a goal). He then took us to a really expensive, nice resturaunt and then dropped us off at the post office! THEN, on his way back, he happened to find us walking home and gave us a ride home. Such a cool guy!

I got really homesick when I thought about the following food this week: BISCUITS AND GRAVY!! Man, I really miss that stuff.

Also, this week my broken, terrible fan finally died on me and I refused to go out and by a new one. So what did I do? I took out my handy leatherman, opened that sucker up, hot wired it up with electrical tape, and now I have the best fan in the house!! Boom, that is how you get it done. Thrift is the way to go!

Sorry, my letter is not really big this week, but I have to go and write a letter for my family. They will be having a family reunion and I want to write them something special.
Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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