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Monday, July 23, 2012

Week #67 - "Sorry, I was a little vague on the details. - Finding Nemo"

Boom Roasted!

Man, it is really starting to get hot here! Especially when you are playing soccer in the morning. Man, if you are not careful that sun will just bake you!! LOTS A WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yeah, we went to play soccer today and it was just a ton of fun. I am getting.... better, but it is really hard for me to play in a court. In Brasil there is soccer and futsal. Soccer or Futball is played on grass. Futsal is a shortened version of Futball na Sal√£o or street soccer. It is way harder for me because I just do not have the techniques tojuke around guys. On the field it is a lot more passing and tactics. Futsal can be won when you have 2 really good juke guys playing with you. Well, I still made some sweet goals and I am getting better. Though I have sad news. My toes shoes which I love and adore have met there match playing every week and they are tearing on my left foot. I have a hole now that is growing and I do not know how much longer they will take our crazy games. Seriously, we can really get into it sometimes. Well, we will see how long they last. Its true when they say, don't take anything expensive on your mission. It will just get ruined.

This week A LOT happened and i am really excited. First, let me talk about how our MICROWAVE!!!!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly, I am now the proud ower of a brand new microwave (well, for as long as I stay in Ajuricaba I am the proud owner of said microwave.). We had our zone conference and interviews with the president, and the president decided to buy 3 microwave gifts for the missionaries. One went to a Sister Dupla and the other went to some Elders. Then he asked who lived with 4 missionaries in their house and we were the only 4 group there, so he gave the 3rd one to us!!!! Yes, I have already heated up cake in it and it was delicious. No more cold cake! No more cold pizza! No more cold! IT'S HOT BABY!

So, as it was already pointed out this week we had a zone conference again (man, it seems like I have a lot of these conferences.) and this conference was very special for me. I really felt like the Lord had prepared that meeting for me and for the other missionaries in my district. Afterwords, the president decided to do all the interviews for the zone and it took forever. It was crazy for me because I was without credit on my phone, trying to verify the plans for our popcorn night that would happen that night at 7pm. I knew that the projector for our movie had not been located and I was frantically trying to get a hold of a projector. I even asked the president if I could borrow his!! He told me no because if Elder Laws got to use the president's things then every elder would ask him. Well, in the end it all worked out. Giselle, who is the wife of Paulo, who is or Ward mission leader, she brought her own 40 inch plasma to the church for us to use and the activity ended up being a huge success. We had 3 visiting families there who saw that our church really is not a stuck up rich people church. That is one of the hardest things to get out of Brazilians minds. Our chapels are very nice compared to the rest of the buildings in town. They are expensive, official, legal churches. The temple is giant and everybody in the city sees these things and thinks, " Oh it is only for rich people. That is why they have a gate out front." So, I felt really good that these families came. Lots of fun!

My interview with the president was very interesting and very special for me. Sorry, I really cannot share it with you, but know that President Klein is a man inspired of God. He is different than the average bear. I feel the Savior's love in his eyes. It was interesting for me as well because I had just read my cousin Laws' letter from his mission and he talked about his interview with his president. My interview was very different from his.

OH! So there is a lady that lives in our area who has some mental health problems and because so, she patrols our barrio NAKED, just looking around at everything. At first she freaked me out. But now I just feel so sorry for her. She is treated like a passing street dog. When she walks by peoples houses they come out and yell at her and chase her away as if she was just a stray. Where is her family? Who is supposed to help and save her? It just makes me realize all the more that the family is ordained of God. I also do know that we are all children of God and that no one should be treated like how people treat her.

Me and my companion got caught in a flash rainstorm for the first time this transfer. It was ridiculous. Literally, no less than 5 seconds after my companion asked me if it would rain, IT DUMPED. Cats and Dogs have nothing on that monster storm that poured over us. It was not really rain. It was more like a waterfall from heaven sent to cleanse the earth. I imagine that maybe it rained like that for 40 days and nights for Noah. Man, he must have been brave. Though, the weirdest part was that it passed in about 5 minutes. REALLY FAST. The weather here is so weird.

Me and Elder Sant, the American who lives with me, decided to make AMERICAN LUNCH. Yeap, we made mac and cheese, homemade root-beer, beef jerky, and Brownies!! Best lunch ever!!!!!! If anyone is wondering what I would enjoy in a package, know this: I want mac and cheese and Jerky!

As a side-note, I am low on ties. Some have been destroyed. Some were given to special people. Others were translated to heaven. But the real situation is I am low on beautiful ties. Please send beautiful, mildly skinny ( they cannot be full width cuz I am really skinny right now and it looks weird.), polyester ties (no silk, the humidity destroys them). I like purple ones. Dark.

Well, as far as the work goes, things are improving. We are building a really good area and I am trying hard to help these people. I really am. But, I can do more. the president wrote the mission today and spoke about that. We can be better and do more. We can be more devoted. We have to be willing to pay the price for miracles. I am willing.

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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