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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So, this week was pretty awesome I figure. Well, kind of...
We really are having a slow period as far as the work goes here. It just seems like no one wants to commit to anything or try to do the things we ask them to do. Its hard some days when all you appointments fall through, and the people you want to help are not helping themselves.

But, regardless, I am alive and happy!!!! Why, is the question some may ask. Well, here is why...

I SAT IN AN HELICOPTER!!!! BOOM!!!! Yea, that's right, an helicopter. One of our investigators is the second in command of squadron HU-3 of the Brazilian Marines. WAY LEGIT!!!! So while at a meeting at the church he asked us if we wanted to see what he does for a living (since I was in the air force). We of course accepted and this last Friday he took us to the base. We went in normal civilian clothes because he said it would be better and the only pants I have here are my camos that I brought for service projects. So I went in them with my air force hat. I was fly! Yea, so he gave us a quick tour of the facility then took us out to the pad to see the Helos. MAN, it was SOOOOO COOOOLLL!!!! We had a mechanic explain to us how they work as we sat in the cockpit. We even got to put on the helmets!!!!!! Don't worry I have pictures. I was freaking out! Afterward my companion said " hey, if you ever need some volunteer passengers, we are always ready." He responded with,"Well, maybe I could arrange that!" It was sooooo legit.

Well, then on Saturday there was a church wide activity for Manaus called "Mãos Que Ajudam", or in english, Helping Hands. A ton of people came to donate blood for the local hospitals. We went as well and when we got there they said we could not donate because we were not citizens. UPSET! Then they came to there senses about 20 minutes later and let us donate. Well, so we thought. Later, the lady who was working there would not let me donate because I haven't been in Brazil for long enough (I need 3 months in Manaus), so I never got to donate. But my companion did! It was crazy freaky cuz I watched the whole thing.

So anyways, Yea. Life is such a crazy ride. On a mission you just have to always remember a few things.

One: When you are in the service of your fellow beings you are in the service of your God. Take joy in the work we have been given and service with your heart.

Two: You are imperfect, and you are always in need of our Saviour. He was, and is, perfect. And through his atoning sacrifice, we can be made perfect. Through our faith in Christ, beleiving Christ, and our honest best effort to try every day ( including repentance), we can be made clean.

Three: Just Work. Do something. I am often reminded of the teaching of Bro.David Fanning. Young men are bumps on a log and without constant application of energy and work, we will eventually fall apart. This is so true!!

Four: Helicopters are awesome!!!

I love you all.
Elder Asa Laws

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