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Monday, August 22, 2011

Week #19 - "Who Is Driving This Flying Umbrella"

Sorry but this week really does not have that much juice to share. We will see how I do at sharing what did happen though. First however, may I say that " Deliver Us" from the movie "The Prince of Egypt" is fantastic and stuck in my head.
Anyways this week was an extremely hot week! Over 100 degrees every day. We walk everywhere and I sweat a TON! I sweat so much this week that I even had sweat coming out of my ears!!! It was ridiculous. I think it is because I drink so much; because I drink a TON! Really, I am a thirsty fella! I am always thirsty. I always have been. But here it has been killer!
We taught a million people this week and really tried to find as many people as we could, to help them. However, everyone here is already a member but has left the church for various different reasons. Our goal is to help them come back. The ward members here have really stepped up the game and like serving with us and trying to help us. We always have a ton of food to eat when the give us lunch every day and they genuinely want to serve and help the Lord.
This week some of the members here threw a huge party and cooked a MASSIVE pot of beans and meat. " Feijoada" is what it is called and it was amazingly good!! We spent some time at the party and just chilled with the members, trying to hide from the sun. haha!

Anyways, this week I wanted to point out something every interesting I have been learning with my language studies. The word " esperar" in Portuguese is a verb with many similar meanings in English. But there are 2 very interesting one I would like to point out. "Esperar" can mean to "hope" as well as to "expect". I found this to be very interesting that to hope for something in Portuguese is the same as to expect something. So in essence, hope in ones faith is not just a simple feeling of happiness and delight in ones faith, but it is to actually expect something to happen, to occur, or change. Really all this implies that ones hope is an expectation and to seek for that hope and expectation; it requires action. Faith and hope are not simple principles but rather actions based on a expectation in what you have hoped for and put faith in.
I love you all.
Elder Asa Laws


  1. The fact that there is Feijoida in the world is one of the better reasons to go on living, no matter what. It's magic food. :-)

  2. Well, hey there Elder Laws! I just got all caught up on your blog and it looks like you're having a great experience. Sorry about your chin, dude. That sucks :). The helicopter was cool and I'm so glad to hear about your successes as well as your positive attitude when things are slow. I hope you have a great week and please watch where you're going... Sheesh. We are doing great around here. Mikaela started 4th grade and Max started 2nd. Mia starts preschool in two weeks and they are all so much fun and happy. Reed is in the bishopric as the executive secretary and I'm in the young womens presidency as the secretary. Yeah, we are cool... Secretaries unite! It's really hot here, 100 degrees. Life is good, we are happy and healthy. Take care and we love you!