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Monday, August 8, 2011

Week #17 - "Money, Money, Money by the Pound"


So from now on I will be titling my letters after Disney quotes I remember... if I remember to do that! So our week was pretty slow this time.

Tuesday: My Comp had a meeting at headquarters so I went on a division with Elder Vaughn in his area in the center of Manaus. He has 7 months on the mission but only 4 months here in Brazil because of Visa issues. So his portugues, though better than mine of course, is not perfect. Yet we went out and taught 2 lessons!!! One was with a man who a week ago didn't believe in God but he wants to be baptized now. However, you could tell it was hard for him to accept that he was going to have to change his thought process about God, now that he believes in Him. The second lesson was with a young man who has lived in Brazil for 2 months and only knows a little bit of portuguese!! He he mostly understands spanish!! Well with the help of his brother who is biligual, we talked with him. It was amazing for me because I was flying! I was speaking like a pro!!! AND.... he was undertanding me!!! Definitely I know that the Lord helped us in that discussion. The spirit was very strong.

Yea, the rest of the week was not really note worthy, other then.... I GOT YOUR PACKAGE! Yes it is fantastic! Food, my toe shoes! MUSIC!! Fantastic!

Oh! On saturday our ward had an activity that was basically a community job fair!! People from the ward set up booths about their Jobs! We had a booth inside with air conditioning and we got to talk with some new people. It was really cool to just see the community notice that we are not a closed church.

Yea not that much going down here in the rainforest. It has not even rained for weeks! Crazy!

I am doing pretty good and I a really getting ahold of the language now a days. I actually have conversations with people and know whats going on. SAWEET!!

I love you all!!
Elder Asa Laws

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