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Monday, August 13, 2012

Week #70 - " ICE of you to drop by!" " HA, like I have never heard that one before."


I CAN SOLVE A RUBIK'S CUBE!!!!!! Yes, that is right, I can now call myself smart because I can solve one!!!! It took forever and after learning a few basic things I can clock myself at 2:30 seconds!!!! BOOM!! Life goal complete!

This week was pretty amazing week for me and I am just really happy with things to be honest. I love my mission and I do not think there is an Elder who likes his mission more than me! I am learning a ton and becoming more like the man I want to be. That is, I am becoming, very slowing, and with much repentance, more like Christ. And really in the end, that is the goal right? Through His sacrifice, we may become like Him, so that we may enter into His presence. So, I love my mission just that much more because I have the privilege to dedicate 100 percent of my time to this cause. Is there a greater cause?

This week we had ANOTHER zone conference. Now it feels a bit ridiculous. Two zone conference in 3 weeks!!! But hey I love these sorts of things so I was happy. I learned A TON! Wow, I learned a ton and I learned how to apply what I learn to become. Yes, you might be seeing that word a lot; BECOME. That is on purpose because I have a lot to become. All of us do. As children of God, is it not our nature to "become even as [He] is?" Well, I am a long way off, and I just hope that we all can come closer to the mark through His grace. At the zone conference I realized how much better we have to be. They did a few exercises and showed us how much more we really can do. So, that is what we want to do!

This week, we also got an AIR CONDITIONER!!!!! I am sleeping great! It was actually kind of a mix up because the AC was not actually for us, but it was, and well, it was complicated. Regardless, it is in my house, chilling the place for UNO games, and rubik's fun. 

I have also been on the hunt to get a new fridge for our house because ours is really small and old. Well the ward here bought a new fridge and I was after the old one, only to find that it was going to a different ward which had no fridge. SAD FACE. Then on Sunday I talked with the bishop, who talked with the stake, and they decided, to give us the fridge!!!!! I know, right! New microwave, then AC, and now a bigger fridge! Well I called the staff office of the mission to confirm that we could take it and Elder Shephard said that he had a better idea. He has a family in his ward in great need. They have no fridge at all. He was going to ask the president about buying a fridge for them but then we decided that the family needs the fridge more than us. So now we have to find a way to get a big fridge to move 10 miles down the road to the families house..... cool story right? The Lord has a purpose in all things.

We have started playing UNO in the house, and it is crazy. Monday is UNO day now and I was crushed about 30 minutes ago. Oh man did I take a beating. OUCH. But it is cool, I will win soon enough.

I want everyone to know that I believe in miracles. They are real. Not miracles of just, "hey I won a free coke from a cap". No, I am talking about true, real miracles. I am talking about miracles that change lives, move mountains of doubt, and re-shape families. I saw a girl this week who truly became converted, baptized. Her father is a pastor of a moderately ANTI-MORMON church and he would not have it. So, in her faith, she sat down with him and bore her soul. She told him of her desire in her heart and read to him from the Book of Mormon. Angels descended and touched the man in a way he probably had not expected. He felt the truth in her faith and decided to let her be baptized and he even went to the baptism. All this happened at about 8 pm, Manaus time. That is when I got the call that she was to be interviewed and baptized THAT NIGHT. I needed to interview her and fill the baptismal font. The font was well known in that it normally takes 3 hours to fill it. God filled it in 30 minutes. 20 people came from there houses in the night to watch a miracle. She went down into the water and was baptized by the authority of God Himself and Karoline became a miracle in my eyes. 

I saw a man this week, Neyderson, who was baptized, become transformed. He used to wear his hair in a Mohawk and had earrings. Now he holds himself as a man who is looking to be a better father. He told us how his friends told him how he has changed and they want to know what happened. He told us how he feels different and lifted. He feels the desire to become something better. He wore a white shirt and tie to church yesterday. He received the Holy Ghost. He smiled all the day. He always is smiling now. He is a miracle in my eyes.

I see miracles everyday. Do you? Look for them!

I also watched 17 MIRACLES. PLEASE WATCH IT. 

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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