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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week #59 "Hello...McFly!!!"

Boom! Roasted!

As you can see I have now added a word to the beginning of my letter. That word is to point out that it is HOT in Manaus, and thus I am now roasted (boiled really).

So this week, believe it or not, we had another meeting with the President. Actually I had two. The first was an all day meeting about how we have to continue to step up the game! It was just for the leadership of the mission. With the temple being open we are all about to have a ridiculous amount of people to teach and the President wanted to make sure we were all prepared for that. The second meeting was actually Zone Conference!!! It was basically about all the same things as the first meeting but everything was still very special. I always feel such a good spirit when I am at these meetings.

So with the temple being open and with all these meetings, we have spent very little time in our area actually working and teaching. Most of the time we spend working at the temple, or taking people to the temple, or riding the bus over to the temple. Lots to do with the temple! It is SOOOOOO beautiful there and we have such a privilege to be a mission that now has literally, the house of the Lord in our area. I love going there and I wish that I could just stay there all the time.

Before I forget, I got your package a couple of weeks ago Grandma Val!!!!!! THE SHIRTS ARE SOOOOOOO MUCH WHITER. Also wasabi anything is the perfect gift. (I think the package came sooner but I wasn't able to pick it up until last week)

So it is absolutely amazing how fast this year has gone by. I distinctly remember an email from Mom about how the whole year was to planned out. Graduation for Kati, Mission for Roman, Senior year for Hanna, then Christmas, Kati starts college in Jan, and then I COME HOME at the end of March 2013. Well it just hit me that 2 of those things are about to happen REAL soon. Though, I am pretty concerned because summer in Manaus is starting now and I am, to be honest, scared of the boiling heat that awaits me. So yea, also, I got really sick for a day again but I was forced to work anyways! I was super sore for no reason and my back was killing me. BUT, all is well now and today I woke up feeling great!

GISELLE! She is one of the coolest investigators and was baptized!!! She has been talking to missionaries for months but finally took the dip this week and it was amazing. The whole ward is excited for her and I am too. It was probably the best planned baptism of my mission. I felt so good there and I KNOW she is going to stay on the route.

I would like to take this moment to point out something to all those cool people who love my family and want to know why my family is so cool? Why is my house so comfortable and warm and welcoming? Why is it that there is something different about the Laws kids. Well let me explain. Though my mother works very hard to maintain a clean and good smelling house with bath and body works wall plug-ins, that is not the reason it feels so great in my house. It is because of The Book of Mormon and its impact on the trajectory of my family. This book is a record of Gods dealings with his people and teaches all to come unto Christ. Directly because of this book, my family is so amazing! It is why Hanna and Kati and Roman are such amazing people. It is why my Dad is so cool and chill. It is why my Mother is so loving caring to all of you. So, if you are looking to have a house and life like mine, you cannot do that without first reading and praying about this book. Ask my Mom, she will tell you the same thing. I am sure she or my Dad can get you a copy too! Please read it. For me, this book has come to mean everything.

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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