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Monday, May 7, 2012

Week #56 - "Man-u-al: Relay instructions!"


What another amazing week under the sun!!

So I have a wonderful story of a family that we started to teach about 2 weeks ago. They are Jairo, Diva, and Leticya. So a few days back we were just walking up the main street in our area (it reminds me a lot of Padden Parkway for you Vancouverites.) As we were strolling along, a little girl on top of a dirt hill called us over. Elder Christiansen decided to talk to her and it turns out he had met her before. Her name is Leticya, a 9 year old girl from a family he had taught a while back who really didn't want to talk to us. Well we decided that go talk to them again anyways. The lesson was great! They even came to church! All was well and then last Tuesday, as I was writing my letter to all you all, Jairo sent us a message saying he wanted to get baptized!!! Amazing, right? Well we went over there the next day and he was all hyped up and ready. He had read the Book of Mormon, knew it was true, and he had instantly stopped drinking for good. Diva was not really on board though and we really could not seem to reach her. So we left and came back on Saturday. Saturday, Diva bore her testimony to us, and told us why she was so worried. She had read before and she had felt something different but just did not want to accept it. When we came by on Saturday she realized what God had told her and she was excited to be baptized. It was amazing! We took Maria and Tayana (recent converts) over there on Saturday too and they bore powerful testimonies of the gospel. I was so touched. If you have not been following, Tayana and Maria were baptized a few weeks ago and we are helping them integrate into the church.

We also had an amazingly spiritual lesson at a recent converts house. His name is Rudson and he is incredibly strong in the church but his wife is a bit weak right now. She does not want to come to church and she feels that everything is falling apart in her life. Their landlord kicked them out of their house for getting baptized. Some people are just so mean. Anyway, we tried to help her out as much as we could and ElderChristiansen spoke powerfully, really touching my heart, as well as theirs. Then Rudson gave the closing prayer. This prayer meant so much to me because Rudson thanked God. Prior to us arriving, he had been praying fervently that somehow God would help him with his wife and during that prayer, we happened to arrive at his house. We literally were sent by God to this man. I remember we were actually planning on going somewhere else at that time, but we both were like " hey, we have not seen Rudson's wife at church. Let's go there." It was amazing. I wanted to cry. I was able to be an instant relief through the hands of God.

So I went on 2 divisions this week!! Man, it was nuts. We marked tons of new baptismal dates and taught wonderful people. I really just love working with the other missionaries. I also have some really funny pics to send home. I got one of me lying in the middle of the road, mimicking a painted chalk line guy and and message on the pavement that says " stop the deaths". YEAP!

THANK YOU SO MUCH RACHEL STENBERG. Yes, that is right, I got your package and I received that amazing soccer ball. I want to make it known to the world that Rachel sent me a real deal PORTLAND TIMBERS soccer ball. Can you believe that?! Thank you so much!!

So last night we had a crazy long meeting with the stake president and it went on forever...... until 9 pm!!!! I had to call about transfers afterwards and I AM STAYING IN CIDADE NOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is right. Good times ahead. I will have yet another Brazilian companion whom I have never met (but I will tomorrow). Elder Christiansen is going to the area that has the temple in it.... bum. He will be there for the temple dedication which happens this transfer. What luck! He totally deserves it. I am really sad to see him go.

I love my mission. It is the best thing ever. I am excited for all you cool guys who are coming to Brazil from Vancouver!! Portuguese is the best. I am working on trying to get a cool accent, though everyone still thinks I am from São Paulo.

Life is good

eu vos amo.
Elder Asa Laws

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