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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week #60

Boom! Roasted!

So, this week was basically the best week of my mission as far as the work goes. I literally taught over 60 lessons!!!! The temple has just been piling people in front of us to teach. So we will see how it goes here in the near future.

So, first let me talk about Luiz. Luiz is so cool! He is one of our investigators who is really open to the spirit. I think I already told you all about his story? eh? Well, there is more!!!! HE WENT TO THE TEMPLE!!! That's right and he loved it so much he wanted to baptized in the baptism fount that is in the temple!!! Haha! He told us of how when he entered the celestial room (for all you non- Mormons, the celestial room is the room most sacred in the temple that literally represents being in the presence of God) he felt so overcome with joy the he began to sob!! He told us of how he knows this church is God's church on the Earth but he feels like he has a lot to do to repent and be baptized. Of course, we will stay with him every step of the way!!

This week I was blessed to take 5 buses of students to the temple open house. A member from our ward invited the school and the director there accepted! She called us frantically looking for people to help her and we were privileged to take these students over the temple, teaching them all the way there and back! Most of them were adults who are returning to school to finally graduate, so it was not like I taught a bunch of teenagers. Most were mothers and dads who wanted to build a better life for there family, so they've gone back to school. It felt so good taking these people there and I know many were touched by the spirit.

I was at the temple a lot this week and apparently some other missionaries did not like that and called the president... lame. So he kind of got after me for always being over there. I felt a bit mad about that because I was just trying to help as many people as possible visit the temple. Anyways, I will write to the President today and explain my position and he will understand even if other missionaries don't.

Also, I tried the best lime juice EVER!!!!!!!!!! Just saying, I loved it and I will be taking the secret home to the states. HAHA!

Really, this week was just a lot of work and planning, and bus rides, and work, and being tired. I do not have a lot of cool stories. However, next week is the temple dedication and I will be participating!!!!!!!!! More to come next week!!!

Eu vos amo!
Elder Asa Laws

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