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Monday, May 14, 2012

Week #57 - "NOT MOTHER?" -- (not Disney, nor MASH, but DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS)


Elder Rafael Socrates Martins. That is the name of my new companion. Yes, he is just as cool as that awesome name that he has. He loves heavy metal and was in a heavy metal band before the mission. Megadeath is his favorite band. HAHAHA! We get along great and I really like teaching with him.This week was the first week of the transfer and it was awesome. I love my area in Cidade Nova!

So I will start from the end and go to the beginning of the week.

MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man I just love calling home and seeing all your beautiful, pale faces. I loved talking to you Roman, about your upcoming mission. Dude, that Leatherman is huge!!!!!!!! Also, thank you for all the cool xbox games awaiting my return. You have my permission to find my old xbox and see if it is all still working. Test out Mechassault!! Kati, I cannot believe you only have 3 weeks left of high school. I feel like I just graduated and now you will soon go off to college. Man, life just moves way too fast for me. Hanna, you are just as beautiful as ever and I am so excited that I will get to see your graduation next year. But that means that you have to do something really cool on stage when you graduate. Dad, I like your beard (gotee). I wish I could grow my facial out. The other day my companion saw that my beard already grew out half-way threw the day and he called me a mutant. Mom, the garden is beautiful and it was lovely to hear your voice. I am so happy that I was able to just sit and leave the Manaus heat for just a few minutes and return to amazing Vancouver, WA!

Just before calling home, I was actually in a surprise meeting with Elder Costa, Area President of Brazil. He gave us a special training because.... THIS WEEK THE MANAUS TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE STARTS!!!!!! And select missionaries in the city will be the receptionists at the temple for all the visitors. Starting on friday, there will be times where my companion and I will go to the temple to welcome people and keep the peace!!! Really it will be a really easy job but they want the first impression of the church at the temple to be clean cut young men. NO complaints from me. I am just excited to be there. We also got to take the first tour of the temple. WOW! I MEAN WOW!! It is an amazing temple and definitely the most beautiful thing in the whole city!! Every detail is just so special and well done. Nothing about it looks fake, or cheap, or poorly made. It was quite and so tranquil. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!!!

We also had a wonderful baptism. Jairo, Diva, and Leticya (a family) all decided to be baptized together and it was beautiful. The whole ward came to the baptism and then they through a big party afterwards!!! I was impressed though I did not go to the party because we had to return to our house. These people mean so much to me and the joy I have to help them receive this gospel is immense. Zach Collier told me about how the people he teaches will be his life long friends and friends into eternity. I feel the same way and I am so blessed to be able to help so many people! MORE FRIENDS!!!

So this week we taught a guy named Julielson. He is a inactive member who is dating Giselle, one of our amazing investigators. Anyway, he is a master at Capoeira, a Brazilian dance martial art that is pretty dang cool. Look it up!! Anyways, he showed me the instrument they play while they train which is called a "Birinbal". It's really just a bowed stick with a steel wire and a gourd on one side to make the sound louder. You hold in with one hand and in the other you hold a stick to hit it with and a shaker. Well I played it and I took pictures!!! Coming soon! I got cool lizard pictures too!!

Eu vos amo
Elder Asa Laws

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