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Monday, January 30, 2012



In light of a few things that happened this week the following letter has been written in a special format. The author, who has decided to remain anonymous, wishes that you will enjoy. Hehe!

THERE they were, lined up and as pretty as any picture. Actually they were prettier than that. There they were lined up and glistening in the sun. No, never in the history of Manaus had one Elder beheld such a glorious and tempting sight. Truly, they were unbelievable. The missionary who had encountered them was stunned and taken aback that he had been blessed to find these gifts of God. He could not believe his eyes. He had even dreamt of them with drool stains on his pillow to prove it. He had previously asked the native Brazilians about their existence but everyone denied that they existed in Brazil. Yet, despite all that he had heard and seen and dreamt, he was graced to be in their presence. Yes, with more than 9 months of a horrid fast, Elder Asa Laws FOUND DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These were not just any ordinary donuts. They were 99% real tasting, 35 cent, sugar coated kisses from heaven sent on the deep fried wings of angels! They were good tidings of comfort and joy, and sugary fat calories. These donuts were more than donuts, they are donuts made in Brazil, and they were mine, but only for 3 minutes, as I quickly devoured them. Every rapid bite was savored. Every grain of sugar licked from every finger. I reckon that these donuts might have been the most loved donuts in modern donutified civilization.

THERE he was, 3 feet from complete, unlimited access to the Internet. He had found himself in this position many times before but never had he had such a reason to sit and surf the infinite waves of the WWW. His companion was not there. No one was there except the missionary secretary who was busy in his office down the hall. He had all the motive and no support, YET HE DID NOT FAIL. No, he did not look and sadly but triumphantly he retired to the couch in the front of the office where he waited for a miracle, or his companion who was at the police station, which ever came first. Luckily the miracle came first. The President of the mission pulled up and quickly left his Toyota out in the overcast skies of the amazon. He came in and inquired with the young Elder as to why he had a pencil behind his ear. The President, after being given a clear and adequate response from the Elder, authorized the pencil's locale and attempted to flee to his office. However the young missionary was determined! He asked the president if he had seen an email from the Elder's father about his brother's upcoming mission call that week. The president stumbled and realized he had forgotten to respond to the Elder's father and authorize the missionary to see his brothers mission call! He apologized up and down, then once again resumed his march to the back of the building where his office was located. "Can I look now?" was the missionaries final question, to which he received the response "Of course, why are you even asking?!"

CUIABÁ, BRAZIL!!!!! Those were the two most fantastic words that this missionary had read in his life! Heaven and earth stopped as the young Elder saw that his "little" brother was going to be serving just south of him. Just a hop, skip and jump away; if that hop was a plane, the skip was a barge, and the jump was a long bus ride! CUIABÁ, BRAZIL!!! Unimaginable! And Portuguese, he would speak Portuguese. Brother, Brother, and Father would communicate in the language of heaven while living in this terrestrial realm. Elder Roman Laws will understand what 45 degrees celsius means, though he would find that in the Brazilian desert, rather than the jungle.

ROMAN LAWS, YOU ARE THE BEST AND GREATEST BROTHER IN THE WORLD............ tribute ( JK. I hope you get the reference ;)

THERE is was. Yes, a weed wacker in all its glory. STIHL read across the side, in orange and white, gracing its plastic frame. Full of a gas/oil mixure, her 2-stroke engine was prepped and ready for grass containment operations. The man blessed to use this amazing machine was Elder Costa and while he learned how to operate such a fantastic device, his companion sat on the side watching as clumsy swings and swooshes tossed weed and earth a-like on skyward courses, only to be impeded by gravity and brought back to ground-level. Yet, over time and with proper training by said companion, soon the swaying swings became controlled cuts into the wild and barbarian front yard jungle. Even the well entertained Elder took a wack at it and relearned the art of weed control.

THERE Elder Laws sat, in front of the computer on Monday, realizing that he had a FANTASTIC week. He and his companion literally saw the work of God the week before and he felt so blessed to be here in Manaus.

Literally this week has been so fantastic, I do not think I could write a letter big enough to contain the things that have happened. We have found truly elect people to teach. We have become even more diligent and obedient and have seen the direct blessings from that. My district is doing fantastic and I love my mission. See ya soon Roman!

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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