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Monday, February 6, 2012

Week #43 - "Well, the fact is we planted the wrong roses. And..... THE QUEEN SHE LIKES THE RED!"


Well hello everyone. I hope you are all having a fine day today. I would like to start off this letter saying that the Superbowl was broadcast here in Brazil and many members watched the game. As a Patriots fan, I was quite disappointed with the outcome and I hope that next year will FINALLY be Brady's fourth ring.

So This week was a very active week and in all the hustle I forgot to write down a lot of the cool details. So this letter will probably be a bit short.

I started off this week with a fantastic division with my Zone Leader, Elder Gaertner. He is from Utah but is Brazilian by blood. He has been out the same time on the mission as me and the guy is SOOOO spiritual. We had an absolutely fantastic division with tons of spiritual moments. Most of the time was spent with him telling me about the things that he has learned in his meetings with our mission president. I was really edified from the time I spent with him and I have a new desire to be the best I can be.

My companion likes to say the following: "Keeping the rules isn´t that hard. Keeping the rules knowing that almost no one else does, is hard." We have really been trying to keep all the mission rules and just be super diligent and it really has payed off. The work goes super fast and we almost do not even realize how much we accomplish. Often we come back to the house, disappointed that we did not teach everyone we wanted, only to find we actually taught 7 or 8 lessons that day. Sometimes it is pretty hard though. Sunday we got up early so we could go to our investigators' homes and pick up about 10 people to take to church. YET, NO ONE came with us. They all turned us down, saying that they couldn't go for some reason or other, or they were still sleeping. It was a bit heartbreaking but in the end 7 people still came to church without our help. So my lesson here is just do it and the Lord will provide.

Anyways, while on the division I bought a dozen donuts to show my zone leader! THEN, I ate all but the three he had in his hand. THEN, we ordered a pizza that night that was crazy expensive and the guy finally delivered to us COLD at 11pm.

I did a division later in the week with Elder Reis from my district. He is a great guy and we basically talked about all the same things that the Zone Leaders told me. It was cool to see how much it blew his mind as well as it fortified him to be a better missionary as well. While I was with him I was able to have another fantastic baptismal interview with a lady named Rosangela. She is a very special person who just feels so grateful that she can know the truth. LAST WEEK her husband died from an illness and she was really traumatized. She was so strong and took much comfort in the trust she has in Christ. She even asked what her husband could be doing right now in heaven. I told her he was learning and accepting the message that she was going to accept through baptism. It was a wonderful experience.

Let me take a moment to talk about how cool my district is. We have no bad eggs here. We have almost no problems. We all work and we apply what we are learning. Seriously, I have a such a fantastic district and it is great for me because the President of the mission sees that we are doing so well and then tells me I am doing a great job! Yes, a district leader does a ton of work, but really I love it and I am so grateful for my district and the opportunity to serve them.

On Sunday I met a guy who is from Peru and as he began to talk to me I asked him to talk to me just in Spanish to test my Spanish skills. TO MY DELIGHT I found that I understood him perfectly! I was so thrilled because I can hear and read Spanish! I cannot write nor speak but I can LISTEN and UNDERSTAND Spanish. It was very cool for me.

Anyways, I really do not have a lot more from last week. It was fantastic and I hope to work A TON more this week.

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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