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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week #40 - "Did you see that? A big red bird with fuzzy pink feet."


So let me just say that my mission has found new life!!!! And it is also a lot harder!

Let me explain. When you become a missionary trainer you have to be PERFECT to insure that the new misisonary follows your example. You get up 5 minutes late, so does he. You do not clean dishes or study, he follows your example. So I have really had to up my game in order to make sure this missionary becomes the BEST.

My new companion is Elder Costa from São Paulo. He is way cool! REALLY Cool. He actually is a huge movie junkie. Seriously, I thought I knew films till I met this guy. He knows ALL of them from the states, France, Brazil... You name it, he has seen it. It is crazy! He loves talking about movies and music and is a huge fan of Beethoven. Needless to say we are going to get along just great. We are already having a ton of fun. He is the only member of his entire family but he is really praying and hopíng to set the example on his mission.

The President actually drove us home that first night that Elder Costa arrived and on the way the President was talking a lot and didn't even notice that he ran over dog! It was kind of funny because it was a black dog and the President kept asking " are you sure, because I saw nothing." (Sad for the dog though)

We started our week off with a huge deep clean of our house including re-arranging all the furniture. I even put up my giant American flag on the wall. So now our house is PIMPING ( yes, I just used that word.). I love this house though he are still hot-water-less.

We WORK! Elder Costa loves to work. He loves to talk to new people and we are really going to find a ton of new people to teach now. I am very excited. Actually, I have a ton of things to be excited about. My zone leaders are actually both Americans and they are my good buddies so we joke around a ton and get a long great. All of the zone ise full of great missionaries, including ELDER CLIVE. He is in the district just south of mine so we will see each other more often!!!

Sidenote- my companion loves SRIRACHA. We put it on everything.

Also, Elder Costa has a book that teaches you french so I have been reading and I am learning some basics in french right now. It is weird because I think it is way easier than Spanish. Je suis un missionnaire pour l'Église de Jésus-Christ des saints des derniers jours. (How did I do Kristen?)

I heard a crazy story this week about my past area, Mauazinho. So apparently the drug Lord that lives there put out a price of the head of the community leader there in mauazinho a week ago. So what did the community leader do? He went to the drug Lords House and tied him up and called the police!!! Man, Brazil is crazy!

I really do not know what else to say. This week was so full and really good but I just have nothing to write about. I ove being a missionary and I am so thankful for every moment I have here. My new companion is the man and this next week will be great.

Elder Asa Laws

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