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Monday, January 9, 2012

Week #39 - "I'm the leader. I'll say when we go... Here we go."


I know you all are just itching to know about transfers, so here is the news. I AM STAYING!!!!! I will stay in Jorge Teixeira and.... I am going to train Elder Costa, a Brazilian fresh off the missionary factory product line!!!!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited!!!!! Tomorrow I pick him up at 4pm. (Asa has been a DL for the last 3 transfers and will now be a trainer for the next 12 weeks for this new Elder, along with being the DL)

Something to share - I heard a fantastic quote for Zun Tzu, "The Art of War." " Intelligence has never been associated with procrastination."

So this week was a bit calmer than the last few. Not much new has happened. We baptized 2 more people this week, and it was wonderful to end the transfer with 5 people who we helped find the gospel. Seriously, for all the ups and downs of this transfer, I am so grateful that I was able to see the fruit's of our labors. Those 5 people are very special to me in that they helped me through these last weeks.

HOWEVER, the highlight of my week was probably Wednesday's lunch. We had lunch with a lady that I had never met before. Her house was only made of wood and it was very small. VERY SMALL! When we finally sat down for lunch I noticed something strange on her wall. It instantly caught my attention. On her wall was very carefully painted, BIG, NAZI FLAG. Yes, I am talking about the red one with the swastika in the middle. The one that millions identify with death and terror... There is was in full high-def color. Red as red gets. Black as night. I was a bit taken back and right away asked why it was there. She dodged the question very well but explained how it had always been there and that her husband did not want to paint over it. Upon further inquiry we discovered that her husband had left the church and was an active member of the Nazi party. She herself, as time revealed, was very partial as well. She even tried to discuss with us how much of the teachings of Hitler were correct. I was just stunned!!! I was eating lunch with Nazis!!! The last thing I had ever expected to do in my life (and on my mission) was meet active Nazis! BUT to eat lunch in there house and have a normal conversation (well, kind of normal) was just shocking!! Needless to say she is inactive as well and does not come to church. That same day my companion also had an interview with the president. I have no idea why, but I had the chance to go to the mission offices and chill in the air conditioned glory of the office. It was great. However, I felt a bit useless because I was there for 4 hours with nothing to do but read.

I ALSO FOR THE FIRST TIME, I REMEMBER DREAMING IN PORTUGUESE!!!!! I have heard from my companions that I talk in Portuguese in my sleep, but this week I had my first dream that I remember dreaming in Portuguese, talking with someone at home who does not know the language, and they responded in Portuguese. The honor of this person who spoke with me in Portuguese goes to Lori "mama" Collier!!!! She actually had a HUGE house and I said " Posso entrar?" She replied politely " Pode Asa, Claro. Of Course." I was so excited. Thank you Mama Collier for letting me into your house. ;)

So the bishop here always calls me Elder Asa da Aguia. I did not know what this meant until yesterday night I finally figured it out. He is calling me Elder Wing of the Eagle. COOL RIGHT? He explained how there is a part in Isaiah how the Lord says he will lift those who sacrifice their lives to him on wings of eagles. SOOOO, I am Elder Wing of the eagle. I LOVE that.

Side note - Also I remembered a really good song this week. Street Player, by Chicago. Good Stuff. It was stuck in my head one day.

ROMAN LAWS!! You are going to serve a mission here soon. I have heard, brother, that you have sent your papers in and are asking for guesses on where you will serve. My formal guess on where you will spend 2 years serving the Lord is... Brazil!!! However, I have the lucky privilege of knowing about a lot of the missions here. So I will specify where in the great land. Campinas Brazil!!!!

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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