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Monday, July 11, 2011

Manaus update - Week #13


P-day has been moved to Monday so this letter is short because it I really only have a short weeks worth of stuff.

This last Saturday was my companions birthday!!!! He turned 21 and the ward here made him a cake and lasagna!!!! It was delicious and I had a blast. We played Uno with some of the members and I sucked at it, but I spoke Portuguese during the game..... mostly, except when I was mad. But it was a ton of fun!!

This week we also found some very cool new people to teach. The first is a girl, Esilege. She is 14 and has had a tough life and her mom leaves her to raise her family. When we first met her I thought she just wanted to talk with white boys. But she watched The Restoration video with us and read the Book of Mormon and she wants to be baptized!! How cool is that!? We also found a man who has a drinking problem and wants to stop because he is hurting his family. We are helping him to stop as well. Also, I think I am going to buy a hammock to sleep in. (great for air circulation)

We went to "Hebibs" (local restaurant) for P-day for another Elders birthday and I bought a cheeseburger! It was sooooooooo good!!!!!! I loved the fries, and I had orange juice too. We almost always have beans, rice, and chicken for lunch so the change was much appreciated.

I am sooo glad to be here. I love this work and this gospel. I would not want to be any other place than here. Thank you for your love and prayers!

I love you guys!
Elder Asa Laws

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