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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week #7


So This week has been pretty darn good. I don't really remember a lot though. It kind of flew by. I found out that I get to conduct the Choir again this next Sunday! We are going to do a great arrangment of "Come thou Fount". I am super excited. I have put some deep thought into how to make this good because the speakers and MTC president really seem appreciate when the choir is good, instead of.... well something else. Haha! I really don't have a lot of stories from this week. Me and Elder Rex are getting way better at teaching and we can really feel the spirit with us in those moments we need it. Oh, I know what to talk about. Volleyball! With the new guys in my class, we now have a 5 person volleyball team! And man, we rock! HAHAHa. We bought jerseys today that kindof match so we can be a team. Mine has Rooney's name on the back. He is my favorite player, even if he is British. 

I love my scriptures. Wow, I love them. I wish I could send pictures of them. They are well used already. I learn so much every time I read them. It just blows my mind. My favorites are Moroni, Enos, James, and Peter, and Corinthians. All great stuff. Thank you for the pizza party you sent through missionties. I will use it next week, MY LAST P-DAY at the MTC. Wow the time here really flew by, but I really need to get out of here and get to work. I will send a ton of pictures when I get to Manaus!! 

Love you all!!!!!!

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