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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week #3

Boom! So first,  I cannot call you on Mother's Day from the MTC. I am sorry! There are too many elders and not enough phones here. Anyways, on to this week... So in reality, I did not get to conduct for the member of the 70 because the President of MTC thought it would be better to sing a piece most of the other missionaies had already sung before. Lame... But I was fine with it. So instead, this last Sunday for devotional I was able to conduct and arrange "How Firm a Foundation". It was amazing! I had a violin player and a mens duet sing a verse. It was wonderful!! I loved conducting the choir and they responded to me very well. A lot of missionaries know me as the guy who conducts. Most of the Brazilians think I am Harry Potter because I used a baton to conduct the piece! Ahaha right? Well afterwards the Presidents wife came up to me and told me she was sorry and that she wished we had done my piece for the General Authority. It really didnt matter to me. I just really felt the spirit teaching and singing with all the missionaries. Hopefully they let me do some more pieces. So this week my best brazilian friends left to their mission field. Oh it was so sad! We love those guys. They helped me so much with the language and they were a bunch of fun, even if brazilians dont ever sleep. I will miss all of them but new missionaries come in tomorrow. Some of them will be japanese! Way cool! So for lunch today I went out to a brazilian grill and had a TON of meat. SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!!!! I even tried......... chicken heart! It was so weird. The texture was smooth and slimey. It was okay, but I dont think I will have it again. Anyways, my portuguese is growing every day. A lot I think. Last p-day I was sooo lost outside the MTC, but today I was able to listen and sort of respond in little, broken sentences. But hey, improvement is improvement! I'll take it!!
This past week we gained a sister into our district. She really changed the dynamic in our class. Before, we were flying as far as our speed of learning, but she has difficulty with the language. Its been great though because personally I've had to step up my personal study, as well as help her catch up. At first I thought it was going to be a problem but in reality, she is a blessing; an oppurtunity to grow and develop patience, charity, diligence in study. Basically Christ like attributes! I sent another letter home this week, but not priority mail. So I dont know when it will get there. Hey, before I forget, you should look at missionties.com, or missionaryties.com (I forget which one). Anyways, it is a service that you email them your letters to me and they mail them to me and I get them in 3 days. Then I mail my responses back to them and they scan them and email them to you! WAY COOl. But I dont know all the details. So look it up! BTW, I give you permission mom to gramatically correct this email (which I always do anyway - haha). I heard about Osama. Very interesting. Anyways. I love you All.!!!!!!!

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