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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week #8


So uncle Dru asked about why I begin each letter with "boom". Because thats how I feel about each week! Plus its cool. Maybe... (I think so) So this week has been a HUGE week. Honestly, I dont think I can fit it all into one email. I was able to conduct the Choir again on Sunday and we sang "Come Thou Fount" and it was amazing. So powerful and strong. With just 1 hour I was able to each the Brazilians 2 verses in English and how to follow a conductor. And wow, it really set the spirit for the meeting; very powerful. The MTC president told me it was the best song they have ever had. What a compliment!!! His wife gave me a hug and was close to speechless. She wanted me to conduct more but techniquely I am only allowed to conduct twice while here. BUT....... this next Sunday I am conducting again! This time the prelude choir!!!! Its going to be great. I need to pick 10 minutes worth of music and figure that all out still. Anyways, I bought a simplified hymnbook in portuguese so I can learn how to play for the church in Manaus... if i have time. So I didnt know that the scriptures you are sending me are in portuguese, so I bought some. But I will porbably need them still anyways. So its all good. Thank you again for sending those. 

BRANDYN BURBANK!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! That is the coolest mission call!!! You are going to have a blast and be tri-lingual. Good luck man! 

So I finally used that pizza party you sent me and....... The pizza was great!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!! My instructor took pictures and should post them on facebook soon. Amazing! Best meal yet! 

So, this week we also got to go to downtown Sao Paulo and teach people. It was an amazing experience but the problem is, I dont have time to write about it in this email. So I did in my last missionties letter (from the MTC), and I am going to have to ask you a favor mom... can you copy off my letter and post it to the blog for me along with this email? The whole experience is 3 pages long! Way too long for my email. Please? sweet! Next week I leave to the mission field and I am so excited!!!!!! I finally get to get out and teach. I wont know a thing in Portuguese but hey, at least I will be out of this place! Anyways, I love you all!!!!

PS - Also, I have met 2 elders here that know my cousins!!!!!. Elder David Morgan, from Medford Oregon!!!!!!! He knows Laws and Ky!!!!!! And Bruno Dossena!!!!!! He knows Erika! He asked me if i knew a "Riki" Laws. I said I was him. He said oh.... she was a girl...... HAHAHAA

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