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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week #6


So this last week was quite a busy one. First, we went out on Friday to place some books of mormon and try to share our message just in the local area around the training center. It was quite an eye opener! I learned that I have been given the gift of discerment of tongues but not the gift of tongues! I can very easily listen to Portuguese. Its not too hard but some words I dont know. Most of the time I can understand everyone but speaking it, now thats the tricky part. That will just have to take more time and practice. But thats okay, I have 22 months left to figure that out. Also, during this week we finally received some new people in our class. 3 new people! We now have a totall of 6!!!!! Doubled in size. Me and Elder Rex are now a trio with a new elder, Elder Wadsworth. He is walking dictionary! Man, the guy knows all the Portuguese words already. He bought a dictionary before he came out and he reads it every day. Very intelligent and way funny. He is nice guy. He can speak well but his listening is hard because he hasn't been around Portuguese enough. The other two missionaries are Elder Shannon and Elder Anderson. They might be the funniest companionship ever! They are like brothers; always joking and messing around but when its time to work and listen and learn, they are a hard working team. A very good example of how to push harder. It pushes me at least to try to be even better. Its also great to have these guys because now I have a full volleyball team that can actually play. And we are good, dang good! I love playing volleyball but my hurt thumb is still not so nice when I play. Its funny Dad, how you don't like anyone to touch your thumbs because it hurts you. Well I always thought that was weird but now that is EXACTLY how my right thumb feels. So now I can empathize with the curse of a wimpy thumb. Neverless, I play anyways because it is just too much fun. Class this week has been great as far as learning to teach and share the gospel of Christ. My testimony goes every day just from the tender mercies I receive from the Lord. He strengthens me with every step I take in faith. So fantastic! Anyways I love you all!!!!! Also, Mom, I checked into the missing letter from Cheneys and they sent it to the wrong email address. I had him change it and he said he would resend. If you just email him and ask about it, just remind him that I had him mark the message in his system red to remember to resend. His name is William.


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