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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week #2

Boom! So my keyboard is broken again, which is not so cool at all. So to answer moms question about the mail, you need to address any mail to me with my name, box 11, district 15-a. I sent a letter home today to all you guys and I did not understand the mail lady when she asked me a question. So I said yes and it turns out I said yes to priority mail. She put 7 stamps on my letter, and charged me 4 reais ( brazilian dollars)! Crazy! But it should get there soon. I havent received any mail from anyone yet, so I think that first letter was lost or something. But please, everyone and anyone send me mail! Zach Reeves (friend of Asa's from our Stake) showed up this week and he was able to send a letter home to his parents when I couldn't, so I gave him a paper to send that hopefully his parents give to you. It describes how to send me mail. But seriously, I would love tons of mail! So this week was great! Sunday was fantastic, and I was able to pick the hymns for my branch.

I also get to conduct How Firm a Foundation for this friday when the Area 70 President comes! Cool right! The elders here found out I can sing so every night they ask me to go into the stairwell and sing a few songs. It sounds like a catherdal in there. So I sing some hymns, nearer my God to Thee, the Halo theme, and even the song in Lord of the Rings that Pipen sings in the last movie. All the brazilians think that I sing amazing, but honestly, I'm not that good. (he's being modest) My brazilians roomates LOVE my iPod music, especially Eric Whitacre. A few nights ago we listened to "Sleep" and almost all of us were crying. Elder Gomes said it reminded him of family. It was touching.

Man, I can already read the scriptures in Portuguese but I also have my English ones for reference. It is way cool but I still cant understand most of the brazilians though when they talk. They are all crazy fast speakers, but I get by. There are about 6 brazillian elders that have become really good friends with me. I think they rock! Too bad they only spend 3 weeks here instead of nine like us english speakers. Because there is only Elder Rex and I in class, we get to practice teaching a lot! We taught at least 8 lessons in class for practice. It was awesome!! Preach my gospel is so simple, yet so invaluable. ROMAN, READ IT NOW!!! STUDY IT!!!! It is way important!!

I am just having a really good time. But I already have some advice for Roman and Mom for his mission. The CTR clothing is.... okay. Most missionaries have a lot of problems with the stuff.. Luckily, I havent, but still. And Dad you were right, some of the stuff I have I won't need.

Elder Rex is a funny guy. He has decided to read the Book of Mormon in 2 weeks. He started last week and is already in Helamen!!!! Crazy! I spend all my personal study on 3 chapters of Alma, and he reads 20! And he understands it all! But that is okay, I love my scriptures and they have become so special to me (and quite colorful from all the highlighting). So I have some bad news.... I cant email any pictures home until I get into the field. The computers here at the MTC are too slow to send pics. Lame-sauce!

So today we, as in a bunch of us from my floor, were out walking from the store and I ran into a spiderweb. I told them to check for a spider on my head and ALLLL of them, as in all 6 of them, started to just slap and rub my head! Never invite 19 year old missionaies to hit your head. Anyways. I guess I dont have that many stories to tell this week. It was much quieter. OH wait! It is cloudy here! Cloudy and 60 degrees! It feels just like home and I LOVE it. All the brazilians are freezing and I am in a short sleeve and just ecstatic. Haha!
With love, Elder Asa Laws.

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