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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Leaving for Brazil!

There's more pictures here than narrative because they speak for themselves...

A few last pictures at home with the family!

Arriving at the airport. He was still okay but starting to get nervous.

Checking in! He was getting a little more nervous.

We ran into a little hiccup with his ticket so I had to call the Missionary Travel office. This got him pretty darn nervous! We got it all worked out though and he calmed down.

Our wonderful neighbor works for the airlines and was able to get Rick and I passes to go back with Asa to the gate and wait for him to board the plane. It was such a blessing to be able to spend that last hour with him and see him actually get on the plane. 

Waiting for Rick to get his pass so we can go to security.

Hugging Hanna...

Hugging Kati...

Being man handled... I mean hugged by Roman...

Waiting for the plane at the gate. The plane was a half hour late and at this point Asa was getting VERY anxious. (Rick doesn't look too happy either)

He then boarded the plane at noon and flew to Atlanta, GA where he was to meet up with other missionaries headed to Sao Paulo, Brazil. From there he flew to Brazil and arrived at 4am pst on the 13th. We received an email from the MTC President around noon today telling us that he had arrived safely and was now in their care. He had been assigned a companion and a room and was getting settled in. This picture is of all the missionaries that reported in today. We are so thrilled!!!

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