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Monday, September 24, 2012

Week #76 - Stop following me, okay?! - Dory


So our roof has been fixed but for some reason it still leaks two two parts! In the bathroom and on Elder Adhan's bed!!!! Ya, he really did not like that it has been raining all day and we came back to the house only to find his bed SOAKING wet. Well, that is how it goes int the rain forest. It is so stinken hot!!! Just thought you should know. Over 105 every day! I am melting...

Also, we have a rat that lives in our ceiling that has been eating a hole in the ceiling panels. It has gotten pretty big now and we talked to the owner of the house. He really does not feel like it is a big problem but we do!! So, as you can see we have a few problems in our house and I want to move. I already found a newer nicer place but let us hope that the mission approves the move!

Oh! also, our fridge broke! We spent the whole week without water in our house, which was harsh when we got home and had nothing to drink! Here is what was lost in the wake of that storm last week and not fridge:
spoiled Brownie mix
Jam went bad
All our tererĂª was ruined
no cold water
My syrup for pancakes went bad
my root beer too!

Even though all of this happened we had a wonderful week!! I loved basically every minute of it, other than the stress of our house issues. Yes, three brothers were baptized and it was so cool to see there progress this week. Abner, Ary Adler, and Cassio. They are all sons of a member who has come back to church recently and their family is just so cool. I love teaching them. There situation is quite humble but they have amazing hearts and you just have to to love them! Sunday they all were baptized and all just dancing with excitement. Cassio basically threw himself into the water when he was baptized! I love my mission.

We had interviews with the president this week and it was great. I just sat and spoke with him about my district and how each of them were doing. We really got to discuss the needs of my missionaries and it was nice to see how much he trusts me. God has a plan in all of this that goes on and I am so thank for for every single one of the missionaries in my district. They are all doing a great job and really pushing to get better. We see miracles daily.

So, right now is voting time in Brazil too and I hate politics here. It makes American politicians look like saints. I do not really need to go into details but here, there are a ton of problems and really no body has any solutions. Heck, a drug dealer is running for mayor here!!!! Anyways, I am glad that I do not have to vote here.

The week just goes by so fast now a days and I cannot believe I am coming up on 1 year and six months. That is just not fair. Sorry, I feel like my letters are getting super short, but really, we just work, and joke, and have fun. The mission is going great.

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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