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Monday, September 10, 2012

Week #74 - "I can show you the world!!!!" - Aladdin


So the Disney quote from this week has a purpose. The man who lives in front of my house decided to blast this song for the whole world to here this morning. Quite funny! American child film music is popular enough to be loved by all in the amazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this week was Independence day in Brazil, 7th of September and I live close to the city stadium. So that meant that at 5 pm on the 7th we saw 10 helicopters pass just feet above the rooftops of the houses. THEN............ an F-5 jet passed by. LOWER THAN LOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I could throw a rock to hit him. He made two passes and I was just geeking out!! Just ask Elder Carvalho who was with me at the time. I had a very hard time bringing back the focus. Seriously, so stinken cool. If anyone who is reading this happens to own a jet, I humbling ask permission to, upon my return, take my thrills to mach levels!! PLEASE?

As you might have known we have also arrived at transfers once again and I have news. I will be staying in Ajuricaba with Elder Moreira (my current comp) and I am still the District Leader! I am excited because we have a lot of people to baptize! However, I know it is going to be a hard transfer. Let us push onward!!!! My district will now consist of 6 Elders (used to be 4), 1 American (me) and 5 Brazilians. So, that is how it goes for Elder Laws. I am just going to be Brazilian for awhile. We can talk more soccer then..... hahaha

Also, my zone have become addicted to a new P-day activity....... Pokemon!!!!!!! hahahaha I know right! They found a re-saler than buys them from other parts of Brazil, new, and sells them in Manaus. Pokemon was never really as big as it was in the states so all the Brazilians think it is pretty darn cool!!! It has yet to hit my district though because we are far away and have no real way to buy cards. But I really did not come to Brazil to play pokemon, did I and neither did the other Elders in my district.

OKAY to more important things. Sunday was absolutely the best day of the week. Neyderson blessed the sacrament. He was sooo happy. Seriously, his face was beaming in that white shirt!!! hahaha. A man named Tadeu came to church telling us how he was baptized roughly 14 years ago and that he was back to the church to stay, and how he has 4 kids and a wife; all of whom will be coming with him. He was so excited to be there and he really wants to get married soon!!! We also had a missionary return to the ward and give his homecoming talk. Man, that was weird listening to someone who just got down doing what you are doing. Really weird. He is a really cool guy and I hope he has the desire to help us out. WE NEED IT! We also had a baptism as well. Julio C├ęzar, who is the son of a family we are re-activating into the church. He is really funny, and we were at his house when the helicopters passed by! He freaked out too!

At his baptism, however, my camera broke. (Sad face). I am not happy about that, but life goes on. I am also not here to take photos. I am here to do the work of the Lord in the way he wants me to.

I am good.

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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