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Monday, September 17, 2012

Week #75 - She´s gonna eat me! - Lion King


This week was quite an interesting week. I feel good because I have a few good stories.

FIRST: I almost died!!! Ya, it was the first time that I can remember where I seriously could have died. I was eating a granola bar at transfers, waiting to get the new members of my house when I made a funny joke. OH man, it was funny. We were talking about dreams and I made the comment that I have never had a dream about eating something. Then I looked at Elder Sant, is a bit overweight (and he is proud of it I might add) and I said "I bet you have". I was just playing around and it was so funny. Well I inhaled a large piece of the granola bar and found myself incapable of breathing. Nothing, no air at all! So I got up, looked at Elder Sant, motioned that I could not breath, and let him know that he needed to save me. He laughed but then said "wait, really"? I rolled my eyes and then turned, waiting for the Heimlich, which was actually not as painful as I thought it would be. Well, the granola piece came out and I lived. Gasping for air, I turned to Elder Sant and said to him "This granola bar is really good. Thanks". I then took another bite and we continued our conversation. About 2 minuted later it finally hit me, "wait, you were choking to death". Up until that point, I did not even think about that. I was not afraid at all. REALLY WEIRD. Anyway, after a week of a sore throat, I am fine. Okay, Mom?

Second: We had a really cool activity this week that we put on at the church. We called everybody down for " choco-night". We set up an activity and lesson from the Book of Mormon and in the end, everyone won chocolate! Here's what we did. In the chapel we ran a rope about 150 meters long and made a complicated, very difficult path to follow, and called it our "Rod of Iron." Yes, we explained to everyone Lehi'sdream from First Nephi, Chapter 8 in the Book Of Mormon. We put on a play to explain it and I, dressed in all white, was the angel that appeared to Lehi. My companion wore brown pants, a green tie, and held out branches to represent the Tree of Life. Well. Then all 70 people that came were blindfolded and we had them follow our crazy web of a trail through the chapel. At the end of the line I waited with white chocolate for all of them. It was really cool! Every one had a blast.

Third: We had a huge storm pass by Saturday night and it did a bit of damage to our house. Let me explain. We were all sleeping when we were woken up by what sounded like grenades being thrown on our roof. They of course were not grenades, but actually mango's form the tree behind our house. It was a severe wind storm that was bursting all the windows open and sounded like thunder on our heads. LOUD. We closed up the apartment and grabbed our clothes which were hanging outside. Just in time too, because it began to rain and thunder!! THEN! we found leaks in our ceiling. Lots. TONS!! Turns out, the wind tore off a section of the roof and mango's busted holes in the tile shingles. Our kitchen, bathroom, and main room were really wet. It even rained on one of the other Elders beds. Not mine though. So now we have had to go the long process to fix our house. Today, I hope we figure it out.
Fourth: I got a new bed! Finally, after weeks on a broken frame and old mattress, I have a new bunk-bed in my house and it is great. I love it. I sleep on the upper bed and that means that the AC blows right on my face. I love it. I am sleeping quite well.

Fifth: So Tadeu, the man that went to church last week all by himself, he is the man. We went to visit him this week and we found out his story. He grew up in the church and everybody knows him. He used to drink, smoke, and do all kinds of bad things. Well, because he wanted to be happy again he remembered the church in his life and BY HIMSELF, stopped drinking and smoking and all the other bad things. He told us this week "I am not coming back to church. I am already back, for good." All of his family went to church and they are all so cool. It was funny because his three sons, 12, 10, and 8 years old, all went in green shirts! I named them "Los Verditos". The "little greens" in Spanish, if my Spanish is correct. I love this family already.

I am having such a good time on the mission. All is well. I love my new shoes I bought. Comfortable. No complaints here!

eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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