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Monday, June 25, 2012

Week #63 - Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down! In the most delightful way!


So I was transferred last week... and I love my new area. I am so excited you just really have no idea. I have everything accept a working fan (which I will get soon) or air conditioning. So the nights are rough but the rest makes up for the situation.

So this week, I really do not have that much time to use on the computer because of some ridiculous circumstances but that it okay. I will still try to tell you about the really cool things that have happened.

First, my new companion. His name is Elder Pires and he is from São Paulo. He is 19 and has a very dedicated girlfriend back home. He is very short and I love the guy. He studied soccer for 15 years before giving it up and so with that amazing soccer ball Rachel sent me I have been training in the morning on how to play. Let me just say I am getting way better. Elder Pires is super new on the mission and I am only his second companion. He is very excited to work and I just hope that I can be an example.

My new house has 4 missionaries living there and that happens to be my district for which I am responsible! Elder Sant and Elder Gonçalves. They are really cool. Elder Sant is from the tri-cities area n Washington so we definitely talked it up about Miner Burger!!!!! He has nine months on the mission and he is Senior for the first time. Elder Gonçalves is from São Paulo as well! He is HUGE. The tallest guy in the house and he eats like no other creature on the planet. 10 liters of water per day!!!!!! And then he eats and eats and eats. It is just nuts! We all love soccer and we play little matches in our house because our house is so big. Man I am out of shape so I hope these games will help me out.

More about soccer. We got to play with the young men today!!!! We are going to play every p-day and I am just so excited!!!!! I have a passion..... AND ITS SOCCER!!!!!!!! I actually did pretty good too; getting 4 assists and I started learning how to dribble the ball through other players legs. Elder Pires was very proud.

My new area was not a very good area. BUT we spent the entire week trying to go to the members houses teaching them and inviting them to help us out. We spoke with the bishop, got a new ward mission leader, planned 5 family nights with members, and a devotional this Sunday with the members. We are going to work! I have come to a point on my mission where I just have to do my best. I want to be a excellent missionary. I want to leave the members and the ward better than I found them. I am feeling really good and I feel as though the heavens are helping me at every step. I am rushing through the work. We have calls, and appointments, and meetings, and just a lot to do. I am following every little rule and I am seeing the difference. I KNOW that my district will have a good transfer.

Well mom's package arrived just in time because I left a pair of shoes in Cidade Nova. They officially died! BUT the new ones are great. I am using them right now. It is weird because my other shoes have so little sole on the back, and these ones are SOLID so I have to get used to them. I Love THE new eyeglasses. They are great! I can see perfectly in them and they follow the rules of the mission (no transitions like my other pair). Thewasabi sauce will go to good use, as well as the maple and peanut butter. BIG SMILEY
Yes life is good. I feel good. I bought a french book of mormon and I am reading it. I am in chapter eight already, and I have 6 pages on words that I have learned. I am just ready to go out with a bang on my mission.


eu vos amo.
Elder Asa Laws

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  1. Bonjour! Don't die because you are so surprised that I am finally writing you! As you well know of course, your little brother is on his way. You have set such a wonderful example for your brother and sisters. I've always wondered if our boys would have gone on missions if the oldest son would have set the bar. I love your blog and i love your happy face! Beautiful blog. Have a nice week. Your family is being so blessed because of your service.
    All the best, Rene' Steelman