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Monday, February 13, 2012

Week #44 - "23-19! We have a 23-19!!!"


THAT IS HOW ITS DONE!!! Okay so me and my companion, for the second week in a row, crushed it! We really had a great time and worked our tails off!! Seriously, our District has 9 potential baptisms this week, so pray for us!

On to the good stuff. This week I have been at war. NO, not a war with guns or words. NO not a war or the worlds and I am not even talking about the war against Satan. I was, and am, at war with cockroaches. Yes, those evil, cunning roaches that seem to find any weakness in your defense. Last week after I finished emailing with you guys, I came home and went in to use the bathroom. To my horror I saw a roach scuddling around in the bath. So acting quickly, I found a flip flop and CRUSHED the little devil. All was well until my eyes were drawn to yet ANOTHER roach on the wall. I quickly then realized that roughly 8 roaches had found refuge in our bathroom. I was defenseless in my current state in the bathroom... I found myself surrounded by the enemy. Rapidly I finished my business and the fight began! Roach by roach, they all felt the fury of my flip-flops!!!

I later asked our neighbor why the sudden surge in roach activity, to which I received the reply that roaches do not like rain... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I LIVE IN THE AMAZON RAIN-FOREST! The following night I returned home to the same scene; a bathroom war zone! The infestation was soon eradicated and I then purchased barrier forming anti-roach RAID. My choice in weaponry has now all but destroyed the enemy. Every night I now have the job of picking up 3 to 4 roaches that felt brave enough to enter through the vent in our bathroom. MY HOUSE REMAINS ROACH FREE.

On Sunday me and my companion pulled out all the stops. We pushed it to the limit ( like USHER) and we taught 11 lessons in one day!! We were all over the place. We taught, we walked, and even laughed a bit. Our District had 24 investigators at church!! It was amazing! We all are more committed and more obedient, and we are seeing the blessings. I am so grateful for all these things I have been learning out here.

So I had another training meeting with the president this week and it was incredible. I always feel so uplifted when I speak with him. Truly, he is a man with great vision and is lead by the spirit in all that he does. He gives me such a great example.

Side note: We saw a dead guy on the street who was shot by drug traffickers. There were tons of people surrounding him. It was like a rock concert. People had phones out taking pics and the cops were there. He as shot five times!!! Lots of people knew the guy. Pretty weird experience.

Sorry again that my letter is so small, but I am really just so busy. We work, and I love it. The week fly's on by! I really think at this rate I will be home next week!

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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