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Monday, September 26, 2011

Week #24 - "Elimination: Lack of Education"


So this week was kind of just a normal week for us here in sunshine central. I have started to call this place the "closest city to heaven" because it is soo close to the sun! It has rained a bit and the world has become a giant steam cooker here. I actually just stuck my head in our freezer for a few minutes and thought to myself " This! This is what I want!" ( name that movie quote...) It was breath of fresh air in there.

Good news!!! We baptized another man this week! He is a great guy too. His name is Luiz and he had been to church for a while in another area 2 years ago, but he moved here and did not know where there was a church. So one sunday he drove past our chapel in Mauazinho and decided he would come that day. He already knew EVERYTHING about the church and helping him has been great. He really just wants to get his life back together and help his family. The ward here has accepted him so much and its great to see so much progress with the people here. They are so wonderful. Not perfect, but wonderful.

We also have a family in our ward that are 100% naitve brazilian tribe indians!!! They are way cool and in passing there house one day they showed us something incredible! A crocodile!! FROZEN!!! AND WE ARE GOING TO EAT IT THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a picture of it too. I am soooo excited. HAHAHA

We also found a new area within Mauazinho that actually gives us access all the way down to the beach of the river. Normally it is flooded down there and all the houses are built up on legs but right now it is dry. We are going to hopefully go down there this week and talk to some new people!!!

Our chapel here is old and has always been..... not well kept. So finally our bishop decided to have a ward cleaning and we went too!!! EVERYTHING is clean now. The whole building just glows!!! I love clean. It is the best. Cleanliness is next to Godliness ( Yes, I was thinking Ratatouille when I thought of this.)

Life is great. My week was great.
Eu amo vocĂȘs,
Elder Asa Laws

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