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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week #22 "You can be a big pig too!"


Also: " I am no messenger boy. I´m a delivery boy." Okay, now that I have my wonderfully childish movie quotes out of the way....

What I great week! My companion is preparing for his soon to be return trip to the States and he is very excited to come back to such a sweet place!!! His flight home is rediculous though. He has to go through 3 airports in Brazil to get to São Paulo, then he finally goes to the States!

We also had a investigator baptized this week! His name is Brener and he is so cool! He is 14 years old and he pretty much already knew everything and his grandma is already a member too!!! He loves the young men program and he might do EFY next year. Yeah, you read right. They are going to have EFY in Manaus next year and that is going to help so many young people!! The pressure here that the kids have is INSANE and it is so hard to maintain focus on what is important. Seriously, all you rapazes and moças (young men and women) in the States, feel blessed for growing up in a place where people wear clothes. It is just so hot here that a lot of people do not dress properly and this perpetuates modesty and chastity issues.

So, I've been a bit sick. Nothing serious, just a chest cold I guess but we still go work. It is soooooooo hot!!! Man, I have a picture of my shirt after one day this week that has brown and yellow lines from the sweat on my back.... I cannot wait for the rainy season when it is slightly cooler!

Here in Manaus, video and music pirating is a huge industry. HUGE! Pretty much everyone owns at least 10 fake, pirated videos. Its kinda funny because they are definitely made in Russia or something because they have subtitles sometimes in Russian. Anyways, a member bought an original copy of Battle: Los Angeles and I told him I love that movie. So at church this week he gave me a copy of the film in portuguese! I will definitely be saving that for when I come home. Or rathar, when my companion flies home he is going to take a small box of my stuff home with him to send to you guys!!! Maybe some small gifts and my english scriptures.

So this week, after a horrible night of sleep me and my companion woke up to do morning study. I was lazily reading in my hammock; him in his chair. Suddenly, mama cat, a local stray cat, walks out from our kitchen and jumps out the window. We were confused... She just left our appt? Wait?! How did she get it in, in the first place and why do we still hear meowing! YES, it turns out that she gave birth to a litter of kittens, and in the night moved them into our kitchen. It was so terrible because I then had to move all the cats out of the house, even though I did not want to. Now they live in an abodoned house next door!

Sorry for not having really any crazy stories about muggings or stuff this week.

Regardless, all is well!!

Eu amo vocês!
Elder Asa Laws

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