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Monday, September 19, 2011

Week #23 "I do one thing, I do it very well, then I move on."

So just as we left the LAN house last week (that is where we are on these computers), we were "cat called" again. But this girl had some guts! She stopped us and said that we were beautiful and it was a shame we were the "Mormons". She said we had to marry them and that she loved us! Oh Brazil, you are so good to my ego.

So this week was not that interesting except... We got our DVD player!! Also, a General Authority came and spoke with us. Oh, and we accidentaly stumbled into a preachers sermon. Anyways...

First the DVD Player. Yea, we have one now so that we can watch church DVDs and missionary preparation material to better plan for our lessons. I think it is very cool and so far we have used it to watch and plan for our lessons. But it also scares me. Some missionaries might really take advantage of this and get in serious trouble... not to mention it becomes a huge temptation! BUT, I will remain strong!

Also we had a conference with Elder Godoy, a member of the Quorum of the 70. He was a fantastic teacher and it was a very interesting meeting because he is a long time friend to our mission president. They grew up together! We had a mission choir that day and I was part of a trio singing " How Firm a Foundation." If you remember from way back when in the CTM (MTC), I had sung that song before. Another Elder who was in the CTM with me took notes on how I conducted that song because he liked it so much and when he was asked to conduct this choir here, he used MY version of the hymn. YEAP! And he asked me to sing as part of the trio ( It used to be a duet). It was great. He did a fantastic job with the song. The President even sent me an email about how well I sang. It was such a great and fulfilling experience to sing again.

On Saturday we had a very interesting experience with some new investigators. We decided to visit an man we had not seen in a while. He lives down a steep alley on the side of a hill. When we got to his house there was about 6 people there all excited to have us there and they were saying " you guys arrived just on time. We are about to start." Start what? We didn't know... Well, when the preacher showed up, we figured it out real fast. We had stumbled into a household sermon from a evangelical preacher. Crazy!! So, we ran with it. We listened to the preacher as he lead them in strange prayers and clapping and he even spoke a bit in the "language of angels" ( or rather, it sounded like gibberish.) Well I really was feeling good and we decided to stop the preacher and ask if we could share a message. We talked about Christ and his followers on the earth of his day. We talked about his church and how it was once again on the earth. The preacher had mentioned that Christ would come and his church would have a " Plaque with His name". We explained we were real representatives of Christ. With a plaque on our shirts with his name. We talked about the Book of Mormon. It was great!! Such a spirit was guiding me. I really cannot explain it. I felt great and so comfortable. That is the way of the Lord. We left with a challenge to read the Book of Mormon and we will return this week.

We also deep cleaned our house on Saturday and it is amazing how much a clean house makes you feel better.

Eu amo VocĂȘs,
Elder Asa Laws

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