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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week #9


So I am in the mission field!!!!! And wow, way different. I won't lie, I was not prepared for this. It is pretty dirty here. Everything is sticky (humidity) and feels grimy and dirty. I will have to pray hard to get used to this. 

First things first, my new companion is Elder Soelberg and he is from Farmington Utah. He is shorter than me and is way blonde but yet, not tan even though he's been here a while. WEIRD. He has had a string of bad companions and it shows. I don't really know him that well but hopefully we start some good work here.

My first area is Mauazinho, Manaus, Brazil. A good, huge area that is one ward. I havent seen all of it yet but it seems like it is going to be great work. There are about 1000 people here who are members but only 160 active. WOO, lots of work! I dont know how many new people we will teach here but I am sure we will have a lot of reactivation. I met some good members already and they seem to love missionaries and the work. We have a meeting with the ward mission leader and Bishop tonight about the work. 

Also, they do not have anyone who can play piano and I happen to have a simplified hymnbook.... my companion says they will definitely ask me to play for sacrament (if I want). Yea, I need to learn a few hymns. CRAZY!!!! It is interesting that in my interview with my Stake Pres to be a missionary he asked me if I would be willing to learn piano and here, in my first area, I have to learn and play. CRAZY!!!

The meeting with the Mission President was good. He has a beautiful house in a high rise condo. The view was excellent. It looks like home here except tropical instead of pine trees. Rolling hills of green. I love it!

IT IS FREAKING HOTTTTT!!!!! Holy cow. I never thought that I would love cold showers until now. All we have is cold water. Its clean which is good. But I still sweat like a pig!!!! Wow, this is going to takes some getting used to.

SO, I forgot I came to a third world country, till I got here in Manaus. Its amazing how some people, and us, live. Some of the areas here are really poor, and others not so bad. I just feel so sad for the people.

P_DAY was great. We went to an indoor soccerfield and all the missionaries from 2 zones were there. I know nothing about soccer. My comp is really good though. I enjoyed playing and just watching when I rotated out. I am going to love this sport.

Well, I cant really think of a lot more to write, so there you all are.

I love you all!!!!!

Elder Asa Laws

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