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Monday, April 23, 2012

Week #54 - "It's more fun if you put your hands in the air Isma!"


This week was quite a roller-coaster and I am just amazed at how much one can truly grow on a mission. The Lord really has a plan for all and he is watching out for all of us, even if we feel abandoned, or scared, or lonely. Remember this, GOD IS THERE.

So as for the week it was a bit slower in that we are running out of new people to teach. This area is really different from my last in that not very many people accept the offer to hear us. Most houses have big gates around them and no one is out in the street. So that has been hard. BUT we have been getting a few great references from members and I am sure this next week will pick up. So I am looking forward to a good, fast, work filled week.

We actually had a very successful week this week in that 4 people were baptized!!! Vinicius, who is an 8 year old kid who is full of energy and wants to be an example for his dad who drinks. Luciana, who has been talking with missionaries for months now. She finally just got the courage to take the dip. She loves going to church and has a happy face on, always. Maria and Tayana, who we recently met trough a member from across the city, Warley. These two are AMAZING women who really have grown in the last weeks. They went to church, read the scriptures, abandoned coffee habits in days, and are so firm now that I am in awe of their testimonies. Truly a mission does help you see the small miracles of life.

This week was stake conference and I had the privilege to see my mission president again (for the 7th week in a row). He and his wife spoke there and it was amazing to just feel an incredibly powerful spirit there. They spoke of Christ and his atonement for us. It just confirmed in my heart the truths I have come to know. I imagine that when the scriptures talk about the trumps of angels, I believe that sometimes means through the mouths of chosen servants of God. Their words struck my heart. Then, the stake president spoke and I thought it might have been the best talk I have ever heard in my life. He spoke on the comforting power of the Lord's spirit. His spirit was so moving and the talk was all in Portuguese. He really helped ignite a fire in me to be better. WAY BETTER! I just want to be the best I can.

As a side note, I have officially run out of candy in my house. (Sad face) But that is okay. Yessiree, I have been maintaining my weight and feeling really good. All is well. I have had pancakes 3 times this week, and french toast another time. We love to eat breakfast at random times throughout the day. So dinner often means a quick pancake stop at home! Also, I am so glad my companion is so cool. I was starting to run out of Disney quotes for my letters but he has let me bounce a few ideas off him and I have discovered many other great ones!!

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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