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Monday, April 16, 2012

Week #53 - "Hurry up man, the pizzas are getting cold!"

Boom! -

This is it!! ONE YEAR has passed!

It is true. As of the 13th of April, 2012, Asa Richard Laws has been on his mission for 1 year. The middle mark has been past and what a ride it has been. It has had its ups and its downs; its days of laughter, and days of despair; days of growth and more growth. As I have had a few moments to look back, I have realized that this year has truly been the best year of my life. Sorry dad, that motorcycle trip has been supplanted. Sorry BYU, you have been demoted. Europe Trip 2008, relocated. My mission has meant EVERYTHING TO ME and I love it! I want everyone to know that I love it!

# of companions: 5 ( 2 American, 3 brazilian)
# of areas: 3 ( Mauazinho, Jorge Teixeira, Cidade Nova)
# of missionaries trained: 1 (Elder Costa)
# of times cried: 4 ( 2 in the CTM, 2 in-field)
# of pages read: 2841 ( From the Book of Mormon, Bible, Jesus the Christ, Preach my Gospel, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Lectures on Faith, The Great Apostasy)
# of packages received: 8
# of insoles used: 3
# of miles walked just last week: 47 ( True story. No more complaining from other missionaries!!!)
# of socks lost: 1 pair (but another missionary gave me a pair, so I am even.)

This last week was a HARD week. We really just turned on the work juice. We started the week kind of slow but the President came to do interviews with us and he gave me some great advice. Basically he told me to stop messing around and that I have to be more focused than I was before. He stated' "This area is not like your last area, so doing the same things won't work here. You have to be better." Well, he said to work more with members of the church.... and I was a bit lost. I felt like I was just told I was a bad missionary and that I was doing nothing right. However, light came.

We had a member call us who had a friend who wanted to meet with us. Warley, the member, told us of Tayana, his friend, who wanted to visit the church that week. So we went over there and found her and her friend, Maria, that lives with her. WHAT A SPIRITUAL LESSON! They loved it, as did I. We have been visiting them almost weekly. They even went to church and to see another baptism. GUESS WHAT? They want to be baptized this week and so we have 4 potential baptisms this week. What a surprise for an area that has been pretty dry since I arrived. We started to do exactly what the President said and things just improved. We had a great last week and I am so excited for this new week.

Also.... MY PACKAGE ARRIVED MOTHER! Yes, I now have PLENTY of socks and Portland Timbers gear. I think a Jersey, hat, pin, sweat bands, season schedules, and a bumper sticker (where do I put that?) show enough to the world that I love soccer. Seriously I love soccer. It is just awesome. I love talking with members or our investigators about Brazilian and European games. It really helps connect with some people. Sometimes I feel missionaries can be so dry and I try to avoid that. I want people to feel comfortable around me, instantly. The books you sent, mom are great!!!

A few weeks ago I sent out a declaration for all the world to send me pancake mix. I would like to retract that. I have, with the help of Elder Clive (who is from Camas, WA) , shared a homemade pancake mix recipe with Brazilian ingredients. So... my new declaration is.... SEND SYRUP!!!!!!!!!! Or at least maple extract so I can make syrup!!! I now know how to make pancakes, scones, and french toast. All I lack is sweet sugary liquid/paste to lather over the top.

As for me and my companion, we are having a good time. We have finally connected and found a good rhythm in which to march. So we are feeling quite shnazzy.

I love you all for the great first year of support that I have received. I truly do feel your prayers and love.

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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