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Monday, March 5, 2012

Week #47 - "Why Should We Worry!? Why Should We Care!?"


We had another great week. Just Saying...

So, last P-day we started the day on the search for a cheap, good haircut for my companion. However, we quickly found out Tuesday morning that we actually found a cheap, VERY BAD hair cut for him. So he has spent the last week LOATHING his hair, hoping that soon it will grow out and return to its old curly self. Poor comp...;(

I started the week out with a fantastic division with the Zone Leaders. It seems like I am always on a division or in a meeting or something these days. Anyways, this time I went to their area and stayed with Elder Riggs. He is a really cool guy from Utah. We had a fantastic day planned out in a bairro called Colonia Aleixo. It has a special bus to go out there because it is separated from the rest of the city. I actually found out that it used to be a bairro where they sent all the sick people with leprosy. HA! Anyways, we went out there and it was BEAUTIFUL. Drop dead gorgeous!! It is right next to the river, very clean, small streets. That day happened to be overcast with light rain. I loved it!! I instantly was ready to feel the spirit and that I did. That day was one of the few days where I felt just wrapped in the spirit. Everything we did was guided. Everything we said was inspired. Our actions were lifted on wings of angels! We taught fantastic people and fantastic lessons. I really learned the importance of just listening and loving who you teach. That night we returned to our appt. at about 9 pm. We bought a pizza and sat up and talked about cool doctrine stuff. It was great to have someone to speak to in English. Sometimes, you just have to speak good ol' English.

However, while I was on that division, my companion was with Elder Gaertner doing work in my area. They had to go to Staff ( Mission headquarters) and they did not get back that day until 7 pm that night; effectively destroying the day. So though I had a great day, my companion spent hours standing on a dirty bus. Poor comp... :(

It has been raining A TON here. Every day has at least 2 hours of straight up down poor. I think its great because it is keeping the days a lot more cool, however it does eat away at the time we have to go out and teach. Also, this week whilst we were teaching, my chair broke out from under me. I have a photo. It was horrible. haha!

So this week I just kind of gave my companion the ropes to see what he would do with them. I really let him plan the days and decide what to teach and what to commit people to do. So he really went after finding those to be baptized. He wants to help many people be baptized so he invited EVERYONE and tried to get everyone to at least be interviewed. Now, normally that is not how missionaries work. We teach, to commit, to help others grow and become prepared. My companion just was trying to speed up that approach. He committed 3 people to be baptized (or at least interviewed). Alberto, Amanda, and Magaly. All three are fantastic people who really like church and are progressing in their testimonies. However in the end, only Magaly really was prepared and she was baptized on the 3rd. The other two had a few issues to work out. So, after having a long talk with my companion, we both determined that we really grew from the experience. He has seen that there is more to missionary work that teaching and explaining. It really is all about loving and helping and encouraging and showing by example. Teaching and explaining really are just the small, easy parts. The other parts are more important and much harder.

Church this week was fantastic. I love the ward. Let me tell you about Nilza and Eliana. They are sisters we are teaching who are 22 and 20 respectively. We taught them one night a week ago and then went back 4 days later and they had read PAGES! CHAPTERS of the Book of Mormon. They came to church and already WANT to be baptized. We scheduled it for this week and I am just sooooo excited. More details to come.

I love my mission. I know that God lives and loves me too. The spirit has whispered this to me and He tells me it is true.

Eu vos Amo.
Elder Asa Laws

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