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Monday, March 25, 2013

Week #102 - The Dash Likes


Well, this is indeed the second to last email that I will be writing home from the mission. But let's not that get in the way of a letter. Because we had a wonderful week.

First things first. We went to Manaus at the beginning of this week, as many will remember. We went time for a meeting with all the zone leaders and WHAT A WONDERFUL MEETING. I felt great because we got to address some issues that had been weighing on my mind. We received a lot of new training and we will now have to train our zone on these same things. I think it will be great to implement some new things. We received a lot about how to more effectively plan. This week Elder Shepherd and I planned our last week out according to the new planning system that we received and it was great. It basically is just a list of questions to verify that all you need to cover has been covered. It helps things stay focused. Anyway, we had our wonderful meeting and then returned to Boa Vista the night at midnight. Oh the life of traveling. I like it. Upon our return we really started working a lot. It is super hard to leave your area so much because it is hard to establish any order and pace to things. We have not had a full week to work in our area AT ALL this transfer. So we are still looking for the correct way to just let everything fall into place.

However, there are some wonderful members here that have really helped us out. This week we worked with Alex everyday. He is a 12 year old boy who lives in front of a member and he has been going to Church for quite some time now. He loves going and we began to teach him and his mother. Oh boy was she happy to see us because she just wants her son to stay away form all the bad things that the world has to offer to a young man, especially in Brazil. She sees a lot of bad out there and always worries about him. When he started going to church and talking with us she was overly excited. So every day we went there and taught him everything! Such a smart kid. He loves reading because he wants to get better and likes reading the church materials. Well, on Sunday we held his baptism and he asked Irmão Marcio, the member who takes him to church, to baptize him. What a beautiful service. I felt great and I could see on Marcio's face that he was grateful. He invited us to his house and to take me to the airport to send me home my last day!! That last day will be his little girls birthday. She turns 9 and is such a sweet girl.

We also had the district conference this week. The city of Boa Vista is not a stake yet, so we are a district. To all you non mormon folk, that just means that the church here is not that big yet, and we had a conference with all the members in the city. It was super cool because the president came up with his wife to the conference. We had interviews and my interviews with the president was about 1 minuted long. We will have another here in a few days ;) Anyway, we had 5 investigators there with us and I was super excited. They all loved it. I felt so good there. A young man who was visiting said something very profound to me. He name is André and he is investigating the church. He said,"You know, for 6 months we have been going to churches and at many of them I feel an emotional impact, something that hits me. But for the first time in my life I felt something different; it was not emotional, or physical. I felt something that I truly could describe as spiritual."

That is a mission. Its not physical or emotional. It is spiritual. I hope you can understand that.

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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