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Monday, February 11, 2013

Week #96 - A clown fish! Go on! Tell us a joke!


So this week was just as fast as the last one, and it was REALLY HARD for me. I will be honest, I loved my last area like no missionary has ever loved his area. So when I was moved to Colonia Oliveira Machado this week, it was hard. I will miss everyone there and all the wonderful people I was teaching.

However, this place is really cool! It is very close to my first area on my mission, Mauazinho. Remember how at the beginning of my mission I lived by the marine and airforce bases? Well, this place sits on the other side of the those bases! So I get to see the jets and c-130's land every day!

My new companion is Elder Greenwood. He is from Orem, Utah, and went to Orem High School. I showed him a picture of Laws (cousin) and he said that he knew him there!!! That is pretty cool, right! Mormon world is very small. He is a bit quiet, and nothing like Elder Drake, but I do like him. He is super funny sometimes! Also, he is a ginger (red head) and that makes him the COOLEST ever, so yeah. Anyways. We have work to do. Lots and lots of work to do.

Why? Well, because the mission baptized 326 people last week! And that means we just have to help all of them stay strong and establish the church! We had a marvelous baptism of a man named Michel. Actually his name is Marcio but he goes by Michel. He has been investigating the church for 4 months and he always had wanted to be baptized, but kept putting it off. So I came to him on the first day and said, "Michel, you don't know me, but I know you, and you have to get baptized, and know that. Lets stop playing and follow the Lord." He was baptized 2 days later and he asked me to do it! I was so happy!

So my new house is pretty spacious and I really like it. We have 3 rooms and that means room for luggage, and desks, and stuff. My last house was super small. Now it is like a dream! It is also a lot easier to keep clean. So now my house is PERFECT! Except we have mosquito's that torment us, but I will solve that problem this week. Sister Klein gave us a cool way to fight them off. So I will implement all revealed tactics against them and I shall win.

So this week is Carnival and last year, I was a really far off area in the city so nothing really happened. This year, my area is right next to the center of the city and all day and night we just here music, and parties, and dancing, and things that should not be happening but are. SO MUCH BEER!!! I had no idea there were so many people who loved to get drunk all together in the street. Weird man. I my companion does not enjoy the music at all.

Well, a new bishop was called this week in our ward! So that will be very interesting. Two new Elders and a new bishop. Interesting. Our church building is actually a rented our building that is very small and it only holds abut 80 people in it. And because of the volume of missionaries now, that church has really been cutting down on other resources to spend, and we will be leaving our rented out chapel, and will move to a real church building that is far away from our area, Lagoa Verde. I know that building very well, because it was part of my very first district on the mission. It will be hard to take people to church but there is a member here who is really good friends of the missionaries and he has a car. So he will help us out.

I know that God inspires men in our day and age. I know the heavens are not closed and that Gods power and influence is exercised by worthy men. In know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, who was sent to cleanse of all sin, if we are obedient to His word. I know these things independent of any other person.

Eu vos amo
Elder Asa Laws

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