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Monday, January 7, 2013

Week #91 - "together we are many. Divided we are few. Alone, nothing. With God, everything."


Wow, we had a pretty amazing week, and I am just feeling pretty darn good as a missionary in 2013.

So, the new years eve party we went to was pretty darn cool. We drank a lot of soda and of course TERERÊ. It is basically the best drink ever. We played Monopoly deal all night long with Elder Pires and Elder Dias. Good stuff. However, I always find that new years is the weirdest holiday because I do not feel any different. The clock strikes 12 and I still feel like I did 3 seconds before. Nothing different, except the noise! I shared my Sriracha hot sauce with everyone and Brazilians are not into stupid, hot, so most of them hated the sauce. Very funny to watch irmão Renan chocking because his chicken was so hot. Cruel, but funny. Hey, don´t judge me.

We also happened to go to the temple this week and I was impressed with what I learned there. The temple is a house of God, a place of love and beauty. You can really find Heaven there if you are looking for it. The mysteries of God are beautiful.

I sent a box to Roman this week. It contains the secrets of the universe and two baseball gloves. I received packages too! That you so much Grandma Val and Bro. Lindhorst! But I do have to comment. Bro Lindhorst, the package came and the box was black and smelled very sweet. We opened it to find all the jolly ranchers had melted and everything became a giant sticky ball of goodness. I split my spoils between me, the APs and the mission secretaries.

We did a 2 day division this week and I went with Elder Dias to his area for a day then we went to my area. It was super tight. Miracles happened. They have been teaching a young man, Junior, for a while but his mother never let him be baptized. Well, we decided to talk with her one last time. I sat down and spoke with her for about 30 minutes then she said "No, my son needs to be baptized if he ever is going to be a good man. Baptize him tomorrow please." We were shocked. This lady was certainly touched by God.

Also, we bought a pizza and fruit loops and I ate an entire box of cereal and half a pizza. Oh, what a night!

Nossa! We had the coolest experiences ever this week on Sunday. We had another baptism, Juvã. He
is a kid who likes to play soccer at the church and he was extremely impressed with how he felt. Elder Doratiotto spoke with him and he chose for himself to be baptized! They went there and spoke with his family and they agreed to let him join the church! So we had the most amazing baptism ever! I was super happy!

We also had a wonderful experience with the ward! We have a wonderful new ward mission Leader, Frank. He is the man and I swear no one loves the church as much as he does. His life was terrible before the gospel and he is just grateful for the church and he just wants to share it with everyone! So we have been working on tons of wonderful things to involve the members more! We did an activity with all the the leaders where we went out and handed out fellowship cards to receive free DVDs. We went out and it started to rain HARD. Even then, all of them pushed forward and we grabbed over 400 referrals!!! I am super excited with this ward. These people are so special to me.

I Just love my mission and I want everyone to know. I just love the people here. I love the trials. I love the hardships. I love the peace and the smiles.

Eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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