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Monday, October 8, 2012

Week #78 - Graceful...


Well, let me start off this letter with a cool story, then we can get to the details of the week. I fell down a staircase this week. Actually I fell down a concrete staircase plated by tile and I did it just before conference, yesterday. It hurt! Well, I wanted to watch conference in English at our church. I really do not like watching it translated. It just does not grab me the way it does in English. However our church is not equipped with a dual channel receiver and I was left with just the Portuguese. But wait! I got the bright idea to watch it on the computer in the secretaries office! Only problem was, the computer did not have an extension cord so I could plug in all the devices (dumb pc). So, we ran over to a members house who lives by the church, ran up the stairs in front of his house and asked to borrow and extension cord. He gave it to us and we started to run back. However, his neighbors dog, a boxer, would not have us interrupting any more. Yes, a boxer chased me all the way to the stairs, where I lost my footing and feel head first down a 10 step concrete staircase! GOD saved me! I rolled once, tucked me head in and basically slid down most of the staircase, tearing a small hole in my shirt. I swear, Angels held my head up just inches above hitting those stairs with each role, because I did not hit my head once! I simply rolled, slid and stopped in a heap at the bottom; to find on lookers who watched me biff! As I fell, I only thought one thing " Dude, you're falling down the stairs." After, laying at the bottom I only thought one other thing; "Crud, their goes conference. I really hope I didn't break anything." Elder Adhans was with me. He stopped the dog and smoothly asked if I was okay. I do not remember if I responded. I got up, told everyone I was fine and we walked back to the church. We turned on the computer, plugged in the screen, logged on, opened the Internet, found a connection, opened conference, only to find we had no speakers to hear Elder Packer speak. I was also hurting. So we went to my new house which is right in front of the church. I took off my shirt to find my back pretty beaten up because thats where I mostly slid, but I was surprised at how good it all looked. I was expecting more blood. Nothing that serious happened. I cleaned it all up, bandaged myself with some help and we returned to find that a member so kindly gave us his laptop to watch conference in English. All's well that end's well, right?

So, the rest of the week. WE MOVED! That is right, we have a new, beautiful apartment and it is full of amazing things!

stove, washing machine, iron, ironing board, and microwave

Soon to be received items:
cabinets and dressers

Almost new things we brought with us:

This house is so clean and I love how it is so close to everything. We have basically all the best things and I worry over nothing in our house! The president came by and liked the new house and helped us organize some things. I was really excited to move and I am more excited that I am now in a great house. BEST MISSION HOUSE EVER!

Grandma Val and Papa Thom, I got your MRE package and I have to say I LOVE the food!!! After a long time without sloppy joes and beef enchiladas, your mouth explodes with happiness!!! I have been completely full for 2 days straight now and I still have a lot more to eat. Really, let me take this time to publicly thank you from my heart. You have given me so much on my mission. Not just food and shirts, but I feel your love and prayers. I know that through the spirit, I can feel your warmth.Thank you for being so involved in my mission. I love you guys!

General conference was absolutely fantastic. I received so many impressions, and I really cannot explain how much, or what I enjoyed the most. I received so much. However, after listened to elder Holland, I have a renewed desire to show Christ that I really do love him and I want to do His will. I will most definitely study this conference more! We heard the amazing announcement about the age being reduced for missionaries and I have to say I am super excited. It comes late for me to see the effects of this change on my mission, but I am sure Roman will see a huge difference. ALSO, I am sure KATI will see a huge difference on her mission too! It is a good choice Kati. NO, it is the best choice! At conference we had 7 investigators come and all commented on how they felt an amazing spirit and want to know more about those men on the TV and why they are different.

Our mission had a miracle last week. We baptized 93 people. That is just amazing and something that does not happen in every mission. I can tell you that Brazil is ripe for the harvest! We just need more missionaries!! It was amazing and the Brazilian area presidency called our mission president to congratulate us! But in the end, it is not about a number. We are so happy because so many people have come to know the truth!

Well, that was the week.

I love you
eu vos amo,
Elder Asa Laws

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