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Monday, November 14, 2011

Week #31

"Holy Toledo! Either that bird hit a land mine, or you just shot down a Kamikaze pigeon!"


What another fantastic week in the life of me. I must begin this letter with a shout out to the awesomeness of the mission. Best 2 years is an understatement. Time flies when your having fun is truly realized out here too.

This week was filled with more work!!! And lots of it! We have 5 baptisms marked this week and 13 people came to church with us!!! It was marvelous to see the fruits of our labors this week. Hopefully, we will see that more this Saturday when our investigators are baptized.

It is interesting how I have been here for so long and yet it seems so short. Every day a new member of the ward here asks how long I have here and then marvels at how fast it has flown by. Five months in Mauazinho (suburb of Manaus). Five fantastic months. Everyone says it does not feel like five. I think it is because I just have become part of the framework here. Everyone knows me. I am not a new elder or a leaving elder. I am the missionary will has just been here long enough to be part of the family. It is fantastic and horrifying. Why? Because I cannot stay forever . My family membership is just another allusion, a lot like the time thing. I will leave (eventually), and someone new will come and take care of the flock for a while. I am pray that the next missionary after me realizes how much I love this area and how much I have put into it. I would hate to see it all fall down. It would crush me.

Really, I am lacking of news for you guys this week. Sorry. My companion is learning english very fast and I am so glad for it. He really wants to study at BYU after the mission. Also, I will be conducting the music at the missionary conference this week on wednesday. We prepared an octet version of Sweet Hour of Prayer and I arranged a duet version of Nearer My God to Thee that I will sing with a sister missionary.

Life is really good. The church is true. I urge anyone who will read this to red the Book of Mormon. It is not a manual or book a pastor wrote. It is the word of God; scripture that we can apply in our lives to better ourselves and receive not joy, but a fullness of joy.

eu amo voçês.
Elder Asa Laws

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