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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week #25 - "Well, he ain't getting any deader - I thought we could use some fig newtons"

Sorry for the delay is getting this out - Rick and I were on vacation and had no access to email last week.


What an incredibility full, great week!

So one of the rapazes we baptized, Brener, is way legit. This week we found him in his house with his netbook and guess what he was doing? He was making a church plaque in MSWord with the name of the church so he could print it and put it on his wall...... WHAT!? Way legit. I was so happy with that. I love seeing others grow in their faith.

So this week I did another division with our zone leaders. I went once again with Elder Dorneles to the Petropolis area. I really like it there and it is way nice. Plus the house their for the missionaries has AC!!!!!! We had a lesson with a new person they had contacted the day before and so we quickly walked over there. When we got there we had quite a long discussion with 2 men; Haitsen and Beto. They seemed to like our message and were very open to us. They asked some great questions. Then after we had discussed who Joseph Smith was and the Book of Mormon, they told us about another man who was " called of God to direct Brazil." I was very confused. There are many churches here in Brazil and most are protestant churches. These men belong to one of those churches. They explained to us what they believed and then invited us to do the same that we asked of them; that is to pray and ask God which church is Christ's church on the earth. It was very hard lesson with them because they refused to accept our invitation. This was a first for me. I had never taught someone who outright refused to read and "experiment on the Word." Beto said something that will I will never forget; " I have already received sufficient knowledge of Christ. I do not need anymore from this book (The Book of Mormon)." These words sunk in my heart. I felt horrible the rest of the day. How could someone reject an opportunity to find out more about our Savior? Please, never think this way. Never accept that you have finally met the bar and need not do more, or learn more, or find more.

That night, I got to stay at the house with AC!!!! My first night with AC in months!!!! HEAVEN!!!! If I will only learn thing form my mission, it it will be to be grateful for the many comforts I have at home. I also found an Italian Book of Mormon at that house. Way cool.

Now, to what you all really want to hear about. I ATE ALLIGATOR AND SNAKE!!!! Oh yes I had them fried up and I put them in my belly. My blood is full of the nutrients and strength of Anaconda and Alligator!!!! Yes I have pictures and they are coming!!! As to concerning the flavor of the two; no they do not taste like chicken. Both are way better! Snake is pretty tough meat though. I liked the alligator better. I actually love alligator meat. Its true what that guy says in "Transformers." Alligators do have the most succulent meat.

Also, the next day we ate fish... and the member that was feeding us decided that I needed to try a fish head... SO HE PUSHED IT INTO MY MOUTH!!!! I was force fead a fish head. However being strong I accepted the foreign food and did in fact eat the head. It was not exactly bad, but not good either.

One week. Snake, fish head, and alligator. Good week.

On to the subject of General Conference. To those who do not know, General Conference is a twice a year live conference televised around the world for all to watch and hear the Prophet and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as well as the words of the 12 Apostles of God. It is a wonderful experience and this past weekend it was held. Here in Brazil we watched live in English by satellite, while the Brazilians watched live translations into Portuguese. It was amazing and I loved it. I felt the spirit of God and I learned so much. I invite you all to watch it again, at conference.lds.org. I can definitely promise you will hear something that will touch your heart.

I am so grateful to be out here, and I am so grateful for all of you as well.

Oh, as a side note we found a McDonald's and ate there.....

Eu amos voçês
Elder Asa Laws

Anaconda being cooked!

Can you see the head?

Fried Anaconda!  Yum!!

Dinner at the members house.

Me and Elder Soelberg eating fried snake and of course, rice and beans and veggies! They feed us well!

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